Yoshi Oida

Constantin Chiriac:
„Actor, writer, professor, scholar, theatre, opera, and film director, Yoshi Oida is awarded a Star on the Sibiu Walk of Fame for his impressive contribution to performing arts creation, excellence, and dialogue in the 20th and the 21st centuries.”

„Yoshi Oida (born 1933) is an iconic Japanese theatre and film director and actor who rose to fame on the Western stage. Specialized in the No, Kabuki, and Bunraku techniques, in 1968, Yoshi Oida became the first member of the international theatre company led by Peter Brook. He has since directed over 50 performances inspired from the Japanese and universal repertory and has won acclaim for his unique vision that blends Oriental aesthetics and the rigors of European theatre. For his performing arts accomplishments, the French Ministry of Culture awarded Yoshi Oida the titles Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters (1992), Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters (2007), and Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters (2013)."