Götz Teutsch

Cellist Götz Teutsch was born in Transylvania in 1941 and is a descendent of Sibiu’s great Teutsch family. A statue of his forebearer, Georg Daniel Teutsch, can be found in the courtyard of the Sibiu Evangelical Church. Götz Teutsch trained in Bucharest, where he studied with Dimitrie Dinicu, Radu Aldulescu, Enrico Mainardi, and Karl Richter. During that time, he studied viola da gamba, developing his passion for old music. Between 1970 and 2006, Götz Teutsch was a principal cellist with the Berlin Philharmonic, and also performed as concerto soloist. He is a founding member of Berlin Philharmonic’s The 12 Cellists, holding concerts together all around the world.

Star awarded by: KEEP CALLING