Charlotte Rampling

Constantin Chiriac:
„One of the brightest artists of our world, distinguished with dozens of prizes, a model, singer, theatre and film artist is now in Sibiu. Choosing but a few of her films, performances, and awards is no easy task. Having worked with Luchino Visconti, Sidney Lumet, Woody Allen, Claude Lelouch, François Ozon, with partners like Yul Brynner, Franco Nero, Peter O’Toole, Sean Connery, Paul Newman, today, Charlotte Rampling is awarded a Star on the Sibiu Walk of Fame for one of the most relevant artistic careers in the world.”

„Charlotte Rampling debuted in “Swinging London”, “The Knack... and How to Get It” (1965), which became hit comedies. Her part in “The Damned” (1969) by Luchino Visconti showed a different side of the actress. Then she played in John Boorman's “Zardoz” (1974), and in Liliana Cavani’s “Night Porter” (1974), which brought her fame. She played in “Max, My Love” (1985) by Nagisa Ōshima, and starred alongside Robert Mitchum in Dick Richards’ 1975 crime film “Farewell, My Lovely”; she performed in Woody Allen’s 1980 comedy “Stardust Memories”, and played under Sidney Lumet in “The Verdict” (1982) opposite Paul Newman.

Living in France since the end of the 1970s, she toured with Yves Boisset in “The Purple Taxi”, starred in “Long Live Life” directed by Claude Lelouch, and in the thriller “He Died with His Eyes Open” (1985) directed by Jacques Deray.

In 2000, she delivered notable performances in “The Cherry Orchard” (after Chekhov) and the unique “Signs and Wonders” by Jonathan Nossiter. Then, she starred in “Under the Sand”, signed by François Ozon, and later in “Swimming Pool”. She is well-known for her comedy (“Summer Things”, 2002) and her thriller roles (“Lemming”), as well as her parts in auteur films (“Heading South”, 2006) or in Hollywood entertainment productions (“Basic Instinct 2”).
In 2010, she played in the final season of the “Dexter” series. In 2019, she was cast in Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi film “Dune”.