"Saint John” Evangelic Church
Strada Mitropoliei 32, Sibiu 550179, Romania

The entire building compound was built during 1881-1883, as an orphanage of the A.C. Evangelic community. In 1883, on the 400 years anniversary of Martin Luther, the church was built in neo-gothic style. During 1911-1912, it was demolished because of the risk of collapse and a new one was built next to a priest’s house.
Concomitantly the constructions also continued on Bastionului Street.

The church is shaped like a cross, in the Northern side there are the octagonal bell-tower and the four towers in the corners. The edifice still preserves the architectural aspect since the beginning of the 20th century.

In the church there are two polyptych shrines: the shrine of Fisier (East) dedicated to St. Martin and the shrine of Roades (West). The paintings of the four evangelists flanking the central panel were painted by Johann Stoss. The statues of St. John the Baptiser and St. Evangelist John on the central panel of the shrine of Roades, are part of the most beautiful Transylvanian sculptures.
They are attributed to the woodworker Veit Stoss.