URSULA VON DER LEYEN, President of the European Commission

“Tonight, we have seen the story of human kind, a story of love and hatred, of all kinds of sins and crimes, a complete story, which I truly respect. Tonight, I have had the chance to see these phenomenal artists, who I hope can hear us backstage – they have been incredibly expressive and joyful performing for us. Everybody, please, let’s have another round of applause! Europe is a lot of things, but what you have played on stage shows that Europe has a big heart, which reached all the way to Tokyo today. You have once more confirmed Europe’s secular heritage and showed that the universal language of culture can unite all of us. By enjoying quality performances together, we stay together in a space of peace and love. Thank you for this gift!”

* Speech after the representation of “The Scarlet Princess”, directed by Silviu Purcărete, at the 2019 Europalia Festival in Brussels