Salonul Interjudețean de Arte Vizuale al Filialei UAP Sibiu și invitații

Painting, graphics, photography, decorative art and sculpture exhibition

This year, The 2022 UAPR Sibiu Intercounty Visual Art Salon starts from the FITS theme, BEAUTY, a broad, generous, necessary topic in today’s chaotic, troubled landscape. Put in context, the phrase “beauty will save the world” turns arts representatives into the main actors when it comes to restructuring the world and life based on the coordinates of normality. 

Like a performance, the exhibition space is also a space of experience, as it brings together author artists’ thoughts, ideas, and feelings that intertwine with those of spectators, painting a picture of present-day reality, giving rise to emotions, stimulates opinions, aesthetic, social, political attitudes, affirming and creating values of the present, and writing history.

Alongside artists of Sibiu, this exhibition will also include invited works by members of the Alba Iulia, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Deva, and Iași branches of the Romanian Union of Fine Arts (UAPR), artists whose visual worlds are as different as they are complex, offering a diverse, challenging visual show, with specific approaches, styles, means of expression and work techniques. The exhibition outlines certain coordinates of the very diverse and dynamic contemporary art movements, attitudes, trends.

Curator: Iulia Mesea

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