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   12 june 2018

   Oltea zambori

The start of the public debate Therme Forum: Theatre and Architecture (13-15 June)

Looking ahead at the way in which architectural design, programming, technology and the evolution of our communities will shape the theatres and theatrical experiences of the future.

Considering the fact that the city of Sibiu wants to build a new theatre, a congress center and a research institute for the performing arts and cultural management, this event will contribute to the formulation of aspirations and objectives related to this platform for "Radu Stanca" National Theatre of Sibiu and for the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in order to fulfill the community requirements and those of the architectural and urban environment as best as it can. The participants will analyze the relationship between the act of creation and the theatre buildings in a multi-layered discussion, as well as the way in which this relationship is affected by and - in its turn - affects the community, the financial and social durability, but also the evolution of the arts.

The speakers will include world-famous architects and designers of theatre spaces: Kengo Kuma (Kuma and Associates, Japan); Louis Becker (Henning Larsen, Denmark), Eric Bunge (nARCHITECTS, USA), Nils Fisher (Zaha Hadid Architects, UK), Andrew Bromberg (Aedas, Hong Kong), Maximilian and Daniel Zielinski (Foster + Partners, UK), Jean Guy Lecat (France), Silviu Purcărete (France, Romania), but also representatives of several globally emblematic performing arts spaces, which are the result of remarkable architectural projects: Joe Melillo (Brooklyn Academy of Music, USA), Andrzej Kosendiak (National Music Forum, Poland), Svanhildur Konradsdottir (HARPA, Iceland), Annette Mees (Royal Opera House, UK), Constantin Chiriac (FITS, Romania).

The programme of the event held at the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania – Hall of Mirrors, in collaboration with Therme Bucharest, will be as follows:

13 June – 13:30-15:30
14 June – 10:00-12:00 and 13:30-15:30
15 June – 09:00-11:00

FITS 2018 continues with exceptional performances, conferences, seminars and the Sibiu Performing Arts Market. The first part of the conference "Festivals in Dialogue" will take place today at Ibis Hotel. Nelson Fernandez will be in conversation with Divya Bhatia (Rajastan International Folk Festival) and Alexandru Ion (IDEO IDEIS National Young Theatre Festival), followed by the conference "European Capitals of Culture", with Joanne Attard Mallia (Valletta 2018 Foundation) and Vojislav Prkosovacki (Foundation Novi Sad 2021, European Capital of Culture), moderated by Octavian Saiu. The second part of this event will take place on Wednesday, 13 June, 9:30 AM, also at Ibis Hotel.

On 12 June, 3 PM, at Habitus Bookstore, Irina Margareta Nistor will interview Denis O`Hare (co-author of the "Illiad" alongside Lisa Peterson), and in the same place at 4 PM there will be a screening of the film "Buried Alive" starring Denis O'Hare as the lead actor.

Centrul Cultural „Ion Besoiu” (Sidicate) opens its doors at 8 PM and 10 PM for "On the Edge", a dance performance by Kolben Dance Company, with a choreography by Amir Kolben. The performance is a poetic and energetic journey that brings the audience closer, literally and metaphorically, to an embracing and kicking dance experience. This piece is inspired by the experience of living on the edge. It moves on the cusp of internal and external tensions, while exploring the relationships between them. It is primarily based on the experience of living in Jerusalem, the city of peace - which never had one peaceful moment in its entire history.

Tickets for FITS 2018 can be purchased at the Theatre Agency (17, Nicolae Bălcescu Street) during the festival, between 9 AM and 8 PM, and the Info Desk can be found in the same place with the same hourly schedule. Online tickets and more information about the scheduled performances can be found at www.sibfest.ro. Tickets purchased online on the festival's website have the same price as those purchased from the Theatre Agency. Prices for tickets purchased directly from the entertix.ro platform vary depending on selected printing and shipping options.

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