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   08 June 2016

   Ruxandra Predescu

The last set of tickets for the current edition of FITS is being sold!

"Radu Stanca" National Theatre from Sibiu, the organizer, announces the selling of the last set of tickets for this year’s edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. Consequently, as of today, spectators can purchase the last tickets for FITS via eventim.ro or through the Sibiu Theatre Agency, no. 17 Nicolae Balcescu Street.

« We did absolutely everything in our power, as organizers, to open the Worker’s Union Culture House and the Studio Hall, where we had scheduled a number of 22 performances. We have received and we continue to receive the support of the local or central authorities, and I want to thank them on this occasion, but in the end we had to admit that for the time being there weren’t any solutions allowing the opening of these venues for the Festival. We managed, except for three performances – to move all the performances in other venues, through an exemplary mobilization of all those involved. I thank the audience for their kindness and understanding! We look forward to having you in the Festival » – Constantin Chiriac, President of FITS.

Below, a short description of the performances included in this set of tickets:

Push up 1-3 (Romania, Arts University from Targu-Mures), director: Theodor-Cristian Popescu, is a performance whose action takes place in the world of corporations. There is the scene of three wars for power, each fought by two people in a merciless competition, with only their own interest in mind. Everyone wants to get on top. Everyone wants the Delhi position. Everyone wants sex, everyone wants love. And everyone would do anything to get them. (June 10, 16:00, Cercul Militar)

Antigona, durerea mea / Antigone, Genealogy of a Sacrifice (Colombia, Teatro CENIT), director: Bernardo Rey. 
 Antigone meets her entire kinship in her tomb, which, displaced from life and death, expands until it represents the world and the human condition. Briefly, she tries to find the answer to a haunting question: “Can compassion flourish where terror has seeded futility?”
A multidisciplinary performance with a strong visual impact, which combines multimedia language with masks, text and music. (June 11, 23:00, Cercul Militar)

#fomo – frica de a pierde / #fomo – the fear of missing out (Austria, Hungry Sharks), choreography: Valentin Alfery, is a theatre play and an urban dance about how we manage around virtual worlds. Technology becomes more and more rapid and with higher performance. The avalanche of information striking us every day constantly amplifies and infinite possibilities of global connections can be accessed anywhere, anytime, to our own advantage or disadvantage. What makes us check our smartphones all day long? What difference does a virtual profile make in reality? In #fomo we have characters, dramas and scenes, using urban dance styles: Breaking, Popping, Locking, Hip Hop - Freestyle and House. 
 (June 12, 23:00, Cercul Militar)

Frumusețea bestiei / Beauty of the Beast (Great Britain, Company Chameleon), choreography: Anthony Missen, represents a funny, touching and subversive vision of a group of men, unlocking the unwritten codes of fellowship which tie them. With an exclusive male cast, “Beauty of the Beast” emphasizes the company’s style based on physical movement, which combines dance, theatre and music in order to reflect our times. 
 (June 13, 20:00, Cercul Militar)

#minor (Romania, TNRS, “Lucian Blaga” University from Sibiu), an observational project of active art, signed by Bogdan Georgescu. Active art which combines devising techniques, documentary and observational theatre, by exploring new types of theatricality and dramatic structures. 
 Third part of the trilogy #HowFarAreWeFromTheCavesWeCrawledFrom? 
 (June 15, 20:00 and 23:00, two performances, Teatrul Gong, ground floor)

20 noiembrie / The 20th of November (Romania, TNRS), a performance staged by Eugen Jebeleanu, which tells the story of a teenager turned into an executioner by the society.
On November 20, 2006, in the city of Emsdetten, a young man aged 18 opens fire in his former school injuring several people, before committing suicide. 
 Lars Noren’s play starts from this real case in order to build a documented fiction about the troubled life of an abused young man. The text mirrors the Western and capitalist Europe’s current situation, which faces huge issues of social identity, such as terrorist attacks or the wave of immigrants having shaken 2015.
(June 18, 16:00, Teatrul Gong, Upstairs Hall) 

Antisocial (Romania, TNRS), a performance staged by Bogdan Georgescu. Province high school, year 2015, Romania. Pupils create a secret group on a social media site. Teachers find out, permeate and unmask. With some help from pupils. 
 #freedom of expression #violation of privacy #trust #respect #comment #educational system #trashed #public space #snitch #slander #share #lack of professionalism #bribe #like #outdated #dialogue @ any level #HowFarAreWeFromTheCavesWeCrawledFrom? #hashtag 
 (June 11, 21:00 and 23:00, two performances, Teatrul Gong, ground floor) 

Indianul vrea în Bronx / The Indian wants the Bronx (Romania, artEST Foundation), director: Iarina Demian. 
 Israel Horovitz’s drama unfolds in a bus/subway station, where three people wait. Two of them have nowhere to go to and the third one doesn’t know how to reach the destination. Behind each character there’s a tough story we can imagine. Victims of a system that has lost control over them, Murph (Anghel Damian) and Joe (Paul Ipate), two teenagers recently out of the reformatory, freely start an arsenal of violent acts and obscene tirades against an Indian lost in New York. The issue of racism, so current nowadays, becomes one of the components of the two men’s aggression. 
 (June 17, 23:00, Cercul Militar) 

The History Boys. Povești cu parfum de liceu / The History Boys (Romania, Excelsior Theatre), director: Vlad Cristache, a successful comedy about life’s most beautiful years, which surprises the anarchy of the age, the intrigues from the orderly room and the pupils - teachers relations. The action takes place in a traditional boys’ college from Sheffield, Northern England. The ordinary nonconformist and indolent lifestyle pupils have during history class, while preparing for university, is ignited by the principal’s ambitions. He ardently wishes his school to go up on the top of the most important education institutions, and the target is the successful admission of the young people at the reputed Oxford and Cambridge. 
 (June 18, 21:00, Cercul Militar)

Anul dispărut. 1989 / The vanished Year 1989 (Romania, Teatrul Mic Bucharest), director: Ana Mărgineanu, starts from the memories of the performance’s artistic and technical team, being an extremely subjective reconstruction fictionalized of the year when the December ’89 Revolution took place. The performance comprises two alternative stages. Three spectators are taken from the hall in order to be part of a scene which happens inside a car that drives along a pre-established route for approximately 10 minutes. For another scene, five spectators have to go in another space inside the building. 
 (June 19, 21:00, Cercul Militar)

Orb de mină / Mineblindness (Romania, TNRS), director: Bogdan Sărătean. A mountain village. Transylvania. Nowadays. Lonely people. Alone together. A foreigner disturbs the tranquility of the settlement. He’s a policeman. He’s investigating something. After his arrival nothing will be the same again. And the apparent tranquility of the settlement appears to hide monsters. These emerge under the most various forms: greed, xenophobia, murder.
But in the meanwhile we laugh. We laugh a lot, with the mouth open from ear to ear. As if we were watching the most cheerful boulevard play. And the heroes are blind and tiny.
A text about xenophobia and prejudice. A performance about guilt and loneliness. About the impossible redemption. (June 10, 22:00, Cercul Militar; 
 June 15, 17:00, Cercul Militar)

Îmbrățișați / Wrapped (Israel, Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company) is an urban legend which combines humour and poetry, and takes place in a visually rich imaginary world. The performance was created in 1998 and received many brilliant reviews and numerous awards, including the prestigious “Bessie” prize for Dance and Interpretation, New York, 1999-2000. (June 14, 20:00, Fabrica de Cultură) 

Din profunzimile Indiei / Within (India, Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company - The Drishtikon Dance Foundation), choreography: Aditi Mangaldas, is part of the series of event-performances from this edition of the Festival. 
 Do the times constrain us to look “inside”? To recognize the most complex and profound emotions. To explore our deepest space, where humanity brutality, masculinity and femininity, good and evil seem to be half embraced. Waiting to be untangled. Waiting to be acknowledged despite their duality. Waiting to find their expression in ways that shape our existence, our actions, our self. (June 16, 18:00, Fabrica de cultură)
Mi Carmen Flamenca (Spain, Antonio Andrade Flamenco Company), choreography: Manolo Marín, Úrsula Moreno, José Galvañ, in world premiere at FITS. 
 Antonio Andrade and his flamenco company adapts Bizet’s theme, inspired by Sevilla, the land of flamenco, and the themes of Carmen, joggling with them and interpreting them in a new flamenco spirit. Arabic, jazz and salsa elements are naturally introduced, with the ardor of a pure form of flamenco. “Mi Carmen Flamenca” displaces Carmen from the classical exile onto the primary form of flamenco, through music and dance. An unpompously direct and pure performance. 
 (June 17, 19:00, Fabrica de Cultură)

Flamenco Suite (Spain, Antonio Andrade Flamenco Company), choreography: Úrsula Moreno, José Galvañ, is a travel ticket to Andaluzia by the means of several “palo” or flamenco styles. Alegria from Cadiz, tango from Malaga, buleria from Jerez are only a few of the forms converging in a program which is as diverse as it is extraordinary, which will ennoble the scene of Sibiu with the strength, passion and ampleness specific for flamenco. Electrifying solo moments and evocative choreographies, a representation of what contemporary flamenco means, which is deeply aware of its traditional, ethnic roots. (June 18, 18:00, Fabrica de Cultură)

Iubire cu năbădăi / OCD Love (Israel, LEV / Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar), choreography: Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar, has love as theme. The performance also treats the topic of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which brings a series of constant obstacles throughout life, especially when related to love. An intense show, with choreographies pulsating on the techno music created by DJ Ori Lichtik.
It is the type of love where there’s always something missing or about soul mates who never meet. A constant lack of synchronicity. For instance, one goes to bed, the other wakes up. Just like a whole and intact object, but with many holes in it. This performance is about those hollows. (June 19, 18:00, Fabrica de Cultură)


Public access to the events scheduled during the Sibiu International Theatre Festival is to be made based on tickets issued by the Sibiu Theatre Agency, no. 17, Nicolae Bălcescu Blvd. (from Tuesday to Thursday between 11:00 and 18:00, and during the Festival during 10:00 and 15:00), as well as in any of the locations from the national networks of Germanos, Orange and Vodafone, Humanitas and Cărtureşti Bookshops or online on www.eventim.ro. There is no entry fee for the open air events nor for the special events (special conferences, reading performances and part of the film section). 
 Access to the covered venues will be allowed based on a valid ticket, for one person, one time. The access ticket must be preserved throughout the entire length of the event. No ticket reservations can be made for the performances from the Festival, the seat at the venue is only guaranteed by purchasing the ticket. Sibiu International Theatre Festival accepts cash payments, credit card payments (Visa Maestro and Mastercard), as well as payment order (for organized groups). Admission to the event after the start time of the performance, as it is printed on the ticket, is not allowed. Failure to show up in time for the event leads to ticket annulment without a reimbursement or use for another representation. “Radu Stanca“ National Theatre from Sibiu provides discount theatre tickets for pupils, students and pensioners based on documentary proof which is to be presented upon entering the event site. Should the spectator be unable to prove the quality of pupil, student or pensioner, the organizer may refuse access to the venue without reimbursing the ticket or until the price difference is dully paid for a full ticket. It is forbidden to use mobile phones, photo cameras, video and audio recording devices throughout the entire length of the indoor events. Should an actor or actress be unable to appear on stage because of illness or in case of force majeure, the organizers have the right to make changes in the program, and the sold tickets can be reimbursed or renewed for another representation. The costs resulting from all extra costs (transportation, hotel, courier, bank fees etc.) shall not be covered by the organizer. 

 The program of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival can be subject to changes and the updated version will be available in due time on www.sibfest.ro. For any extra information or clarification please contact us via mail at ticketing@sibfest.ro.