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   27 March 2015

   Daniela Plopeanu

The European project BeSpectACTive! starts at Teatrul Naţional Radu Stanca Sibiu

Teatrul Naţional “Radu Stanca” Sibiu is part of the project BeSpectACTive!, an European project that develops on a 4-year period (December 2014 – November 2018) and that is co-financed by the programme Creative Europe 2014-2020 of the European Union.

The project BeSpectACTive! promotes audience development and intercultural dialogue through the exchange of practices amongst professionals in the area of performing arts. Along with TNRS, the other partners – European festivals, theatres and research centres – are: Comune di Sansepolcro – Kilowatt Festival (Italy), Fondazione Fitzcarraldo – Torino (Italy), Université Montpellier I (France), Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), London International Festival of Theatre (United Kingdom), York Citizens Theatre Royal (United Kingdom), Tanec Praha (Czech Republic), Bakelit Multi Art Center – Budapest (Hungary), Domino – Perforacije Festival – Zagreb (Croatia), B-51 – Ex Ponto Festival – Ljubljana (Slovenia), Associazione Culturale Perypezye Urbane – Milano (Italy).

The best strategy for attracting new types of public for the contemporary art performances is getting the audience actively involved in the process of decision-making and programming, as well as developing stronger relations between the artists, cultural institutions and public.

The project will consist in:

1. The co-production of 12 new performances that will be presented in the partners’ theatres and the creation of 9 dance performances that will be posted on a web platform. These activities will bring together 150 European artists, through a period of over 500 days of creative work.

2. Workshops open to audience participation, engaging over 1000 European citizens in the process of performance programming. They will select 108 performances that will be presented in 8 different countries.

3. The development of an online platform, with the aid of a technology that will allow creating a discussion forum for organizations, communities and audiences, for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

4. Open rehearsals, international seminars, production of a documentary (to be distributed through the television channels of the cultural European networks), publications and other activities for promotion and dissemination of the project.

The active involvement of 3 research centers will ensure the analysis and appraisal of the project’s methodology and results.

The first international activity to involve Teatrul Naţional “Radu Stanca” is the workshop carried out by the Czech choreographer Michal Záhora during March 30th – April 3rd in Sibiu, for 10 students of the “Lucian Blaga” University Sibiu, for the actors of the Teatrul Naţional “Radu Stanca”, as well as for volunteers of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. The results of the workshop will contribute to the creation of the performance LETTERS, for which Michal Záhora will devise the choreography, but in which he will also be the main performer. During the workshop the choreographer will talk to the participants about their personal manner of communicating with the people around them. “I am interested in the intimate communication between people, that emotional state occurring when there is openness, sincerity, vulnerability. In letters we express our most private thoughts or feelings, sometimes we even write them without ever sending them. I would like to meet people that want to share these thoughts with me and the rest of the group, through letters.”, Michal Záhora declared.

After his creative stay at Sibiu, Michal Záhora will hold another workshop at Sansepolcro (Italy) - CapoTrave/Kilowatt Festival, during April 6-11. The first public presentation of the project – “work in progress” – will take place during the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, on the 20th of June 2015. The worldwide premiere will take place during the Kilowatt Festival in Italy, on the 19th of July, and in Czech Republic the premiere will be presented at the PONEC Theatre in Prague, in September 2015.