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   14 february 2018

   Cristina Ghinea

Tamura Koichiro, winner of the FITS prize at YDC 2018

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival Prize of this year’s edition of the Yokohama Dance Collection competition (Japan) was granted to the young choreographer Tamura Koichiro which will be presenting a performance during the Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2019.

The winner of this edition was selected by the renowned Japanese dance critic and journalist, Ms Akiko Tachiki and the prize was presented by Ms Gabriela Mândrea, as the festival representative. The choreographer was awarded another prize during the event from the Centre national de la danse, France.

“We have decided to cooperate with an expert in the dance and performing arts field, Ms Akiko Tachiki, in order to have a truly rigorous selection. Also, we turned to Ms Gabriela Mândrea, which developed a fundraising programme in the performing arts field in Japan. We are very glad of this cooperation and of the fact that she accepted to represent the Sibiu Performing Arts Festival in front of the organisers, the artists and the public present at the Yokohama Dance Collection,” declared Constantin Chiriac, FITS president.

Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1992, Tamura Koichiro studied with Terada Misako, Ito Kimu, and Yamashita Zan at Kyoto University of Art and Design. He launched “Dance Project Revo” in Kyoto and is active in Japan and abroad as a choreographer and dancer. His humorous dance company Murotamura visits social welfare facilities in the Kansai region, interacting with people through dance. He won the Encouragement Prize in the 2015 Yokohama Dance Collection Competition II and the Outstanding New Artist Prize in 2016.

This is the fourth prize that the Sibiu International Theatre Festival has awarded to young choreographers in Asia. Initially the prize was given once every two years, but from 2017 it is awarded annually. Ryu Suzuki, the winner of last year’s edition will present a performance at the anniversary edition FITS 2018, which will take place during the 8th and the 17th of June.

“From 2013, together with Yokohama Dance Collection, we have decided to develop a long term partnership through which the Sibiu International Theatre Festival would support excellence in the dance field. Together we have created a prize to be awarded for the best young choreographer in Japan or Asia, from all those present at this presentation platform of creativity in the dance field. Initially, the prize was awarded once every two years, but since last year we have established it annually. As such, the award-winning choreographer is invited to present his or her creation during the next edition of FITS. It is, we believe, a sign of generosity and encouragement of young creators from Japan and Asia, supporting that beneficial bridge we have developed with them through the Volunteering Programme, through the relations with Japanese universities and through the great performing arts companies that we have invited over time during the festival”, added Constantin Chriac.

Yokohama Dance Collection (YDC) is a platform with the purpose of discovering young choreographers, marking the dialogue between artists and popularizing contemporary dance. The value of the event, which takes place annually at Red Brick Warehouse, falls upon the uniqueness of the choreographers and the relationship between artist and his corporality. YDC is celebrating 23 years since its foundation, being active since 1996, and the theme of this year is “SESSION/TRANCE/HOME”.