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   16 FEBRUARY 2016


State Theatre of Nations – fame and tradition

We continue revealing company names and guest artists of this year’s FITS edition. Among them, the famous Russian company, State Theatre of Nations, performing the multi-awarded Shukshin’s Stories/ Рассказы Шукшина, joined by two great world theatre names: director Alvis Hermanis and actor Evgeny Mironov.

During the 130 years existance, the Theatre of Nations has been reformed several times, changing names, teams and objectives. The current phase of development of the Theatre of Nations started in 2006 with the arrival of the new artistic director – honored artist of Russia and holder of many state awards, Evgeny Mironov, whose main objective of the Theatre of Nations is to establish an international theatre dialogue and bring the best forces of international theatre to its stage. Currently in the theatre playbill there are many performances by the leading international stage directors: Thomas Ostermeier, Robert Wilson, Robert Lepage, Alvis Hermanis, Eimuntas Nekrosius and Javor Gardev.

The State Theatre of Nations performances as well as its actors and stage directors frequently receive major theatre and cinema awards. Plenty of ‘Golden Mask’, ‘Crystal Turandot’, ‘Nika’, ‘Made in Russia’, ‘TEFI’ and other awards were won counting since 2006. Shukshin's stories are full of nostalgia. And the actors do not intend to look like Soviet villagers of the 1970’s, but rather try to recollect and understand what makes their characters the way they are. Thus behind the humor and irony of the story, one can see the tragic touch of the ordinary human relations, like they are rarely depicted in drama.
The vivid and witty texts by Vasily Shukshin together with the star-studded cast and the delicate direction by Alvis Hermanis (Latvia) have created an ideal recipe. The intricate theatrical pattern is interlinked with everyday life stories of the depth of the Russian countryside. The remarkable story characters leap from the pages into the accurate images on stage, whereas the viewers may recognize themselves or their friends in the characters.
The performance was many times award laureate by the Golden Mask Theatre Festival, the Crystal Turandot, winner of the 7th International Theatre Forum “Golden Knight” (Zolotoy Vityaz), as well as the Theatre Union of Russia’s Moscow theatre award “Hit of the season”.

Alvis Hermanis and Evgheny Mironov are two of the honorary guests of the 23rd edition of the festival, who are going to be awarded a star on the Walk of Fame, as recognition of their extraordinary contribution to theatre.

      © Kirill Iosipenko