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   27 NOVEMBER 2020


“Slices”, with Ofelia Popii, and “LIVE”, directed by Bobi Pricop, can be watched this weekend at the National Theatre Festival. NTF 30 / A DIFFERENT NTF - online, TVR, on-air

“Felii”, a performance by Lia Bugnar, with Ofelia Popii, and “LIVE”, directed by Bobi Pricop, the latest production by TNRS German Department, are the two performances presented this weekend by the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu at the National Theatre Festival, “NTF 30 / A DIFFERENT NTF”, event organized online this year. Moreover, Constantin Chiriac participate online at National Theatre Festival, through the talk “Theatre at the Limit. The Aesthetics of the Pandemic”.

This edition of the National Theatre Festival aims to spark a dialogue between theatre past and present, the aesthetics of yesterday’s creators and new forms of a present that is still searching for an identity. NTF 30 / A DIFFERENT NTF offers premises for a profound meditation on the future. MemoryNTF, RestlessnessNTF, The art of the great ACTOR, Premiere within NTF, The hidden performance, Invited performances, “Words, words, words...”, The Aesthetics of the Pandemic, FNT ON AIR - these are the nine sections of the online edition of this year’s National Theatre Festival. “The art of the great ACTOR” and “The Aesthetics of the Pandemic” are the two sections in which TNRS will present performances this weekend.

“Slices”, one-woman show with Ofelia Popii, in the section “The art of the great ACTOR”

One of the longest-standing shows in the repertory of the National Theatre in Sibiu, a performances which is always sold-out in Sibiu, “Slices”, directed by Lia Bugnar, with Ofelia Popii, will be presented online at the National Theatre Festival “FNT 30 / FNT ALTFEL”. The performance will be streamed free of charge, on the NTF website, from Saturday, 28 November 2020, at 11.30 p.m. until Monday, 30 November 2020, at 11.30 p.m. The performance was included in the section “The art of the great ACTOR”, which celebrates talent, virtuosity and professional fulfilment, qualities that the iconic artists of the Romanian theatre stage have proved over time. The recitals proposed represent as many memorable lessons of drama. They are both stimulating and inspiring, a spiritual delight and uplifting. At the same time, they show the power of a creative triangle: actor - playwright (in this section, emphasizing Romanian playwrighting) - director.

Photo: scene from ”Slices”, photo credit: TNRS, Rab Zoltan

‘It is not easy for me to speak about a play I have written, as I always have the feeling that I have already said everything there was to say about it , in that very play, through the characters. “Slices” is a series of stories, an intersection of several destinies, all gravitating around a man whose death opens the play. Slices, that is, less than pieces and more than crumbs. You do not have to eat all the cake to figure out how it tastes. A slice is exactly what you need to quench your appetite, though not filling you up. Slices of life, slices of love, slices of crisis, slices of sadness, hilarious slices, slices. And when the chameleon Ofelia Popii unleashes herself between so many slices, the performance can rightfully be called Ofelias. This play of mine couldn’t have had a better destiny.’ Lia Bugnar

The Aesthetics of the Pandemic: “LIVE”, directed by Bobi Pricop

The latest production by the German Department of the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu, which was mostly created online, will be available to the audience at “NTF 30 / A DIFFERENT NTF”, from Sunday, 29 November 2020, at 3.30 p.m., until Tuesday, 1 December 2020, at 3.30 p.m., on the official website of NTF. The section in which this show was included, “The Aesthetics of the Pandemic”, represents performances which were born during the crisis, as a reaction of arts to the void and as an effort of certain creators to identify new aesthetic solutions, ways out of the deadlock. These are performances-argument, pleading for a higher purpose: regardless of what happens, theatre must go on.

Photo: scene from ”LIVE”; photo credit: TNRS, Dan Șușa

‘Designed as work-in-progress, the play was developed from scratch in close connection with the actors’ personal stories, as the characters and the situations depicted in the show reflect the thoughts and the concerns of the whole team. It has been an organic process in which we have acquired new languages, explored various ways of working together and of expressing ourselves. The presentation formula we’ve stopped at is a hybrid, with the performance unfolding on the stage for a limited number of spectators (when it will be possible) and at the same time streamed online in a pay-per-view system, for the digital spectators of TNRS. The play follows five short stories taking place online; they are all contemporary extreme situation inviting us to reflect on how reality can be perceived in the post-truth era, a time when anything is possible and credible, as long as it can set an emotional connection to our vulnerabilities, predispositions or expectations.’ Bobi Pricop, director.

Constantin Chiriac invited at the talk “Theatre at the Limit. The Aesthetics of the Pandemic”.

Moderated by critics Ludmila Patlanjoglu and Călin Ciobotari, the talk “Theatre at the Limit. The Aesthetics of the Pandemic” is a dialogue between theatre people who, in 2020, have searched and found solutions to stay close to their audience. On Sunday, 29 November 2020, starting 12:30 p.m., on the NYF website, you can follow a talk between Constantin Chiriac, General Manager of the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu and President of FITS, directors Andrei and Andreea Grosu – founders of the independent theatre UNTEATRU, Petru Vutcărău, director and artistic director of “Eugen Ionesco” Theatre in Chișinău, Ada Lupu Hausvater, director and manager of the Timișoara National Theatre, and Miklós Bács, actor.


Producers: UNITER – Romanian Association of Theatre Artists

Cultural project funded by the Ministry of Culture.

Project in partnership with the Bucharest Municipality City Hall, through the Expo Arte Cultural Centre.

Partner: The Romanian Cultural Institute

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