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   13 june 2016

   cristina ghinea

Shakespeare Lives at Sibiu International Theater Festival!

This year marks 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare and the Sibiu International Theater Festival has prepared an extensive program to celebrate the work and the legacy of the great playwright.

Here are more information regarding the special Shakespearean events organized for this year's edition of the Festival.

Shakespeare Lives (Shakespeare's Globe Theater, in partnership with the British Council) proposes a marathon-screening of 37 short films after Shakespeare's plays, including scenes filmed in the location the author had in mind when he wrote the plays. With a phenomenal cast that includes the best actors in the entire world, "Shakespeare Lives" is an extraordinary celebration of the life, the work and the legacy of the great playwright, 400 years after his death.
Sibiu is the third city in the world after London and Madrid in which this special screening will take place.

An exceptional conference "Shakespeare, once and for all" - Octavian Saiu talks with Nigel Townson (British Council), Radu Boroianu (ICR) and Constantin Chiriac.

Stories after Shakespeare's plays (Romania, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu), project coordinated by: Marian Râlea - The MA students of LBUS will take over the city with short interventions inspired by Shakespeare's plays and also inspired by stories written by Charles and Mary Lamb, proving that theater has no age and that Elizabethan Age themes are as present as ever.

Sonnets. A project coordinated by Bogdan Saratean, Noel Witts, Teresa Brayshaw, during which selected Shakespearean sonnets will be read as an introduction to the events taking place in different churches and cathedrals, first in Romanian by an actor from Radu Stanca National Theater and then in English by one of the foreign guests. Moreover, SITF president, Constantin Chiriac, said that he will read an excerpt from the work of the great playwright in public.

Book launch: "Hamlet and the madness of the world" by Octavian Saiu, English version.

"The Night of the Buffoons" (Romania, Radu Stanca National Theater), staged and directed by Alexa Visarion.
Taking "The Swan Song" as a reference - Chekhov deemed it the "world's smallest theater play" - director Alexa Visarion has created his own staging of Chekhovian and Shakespearean texts to fulfill his ambition of bringing the two playwrights together, two extraordinary artists who have expressed each in his own way the tragicomic existence of human beings.
The performance is a tribute to the Theater and the Actor. Ilie Gheorghe is the Actor who is always in the limelight. Marian Ralea is the prompter, the one hiding from the public, who is now transformed into the Actor's scene partner, in a dialogue that adapts excerpts from major dramatic texts. "The Night of the Buffoons" brings forth a combination of tears and laughter, drama and shenanigans, melancholy and violence. It is a performance built on equal measures of words and silence. And in the end, as director Alexa Visarion himself would say during rehearsals, "only the echo remains".

„The Twelfth Night” (Romania, Metropolis Theater), staging by: Victor Ioan Frunza. Drama and comedy, travesties and pranks, cynicism and sarcasm, these are only instances and pretenses to talk about love. Selectively, of course! At the same time, as centuries have passed and wisdom has grown since the time of Shakespeare, we ask ourselves even more and maybe we can find better answers about the human condition and the purpose of man.

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" (UK, The Actors’ Gang), directed by Tim Robbins.
A surreal world of fairies, spells, incantations, lovers bewitched by magic, the fairy queen making love to an ass. The world in disorder made right by the mischief of the night. Thirteen actors from The Actors’ Gang working with director Tim Robbins and the company’s co-artistic director, Cynthia Ettinger, illuminate Shakespeare’s forest with original music, kinetic expression and a fervent approach to the reality and magic of the language of the play.
This is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, there are so many layers of truth, untruth, dream, reality, magic and deception. A marital dispute puts the universe in disorder and the confusion that emerges is dangerous and full of outrageous behavior and wildly funny.” (Tim Robbins)


You can find more details and the program for each of these events at www.sibfest.ro.