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   24 november 2017

   cristina Ghinea

Registrations for the Sibiu Performing Arts Market are now open!

Until the 23rd of March, artists and companies, festival directors, producers, programmers and financers from the performing arts field can register in the Sibiu Performing Arts Market that will take place during the 11th and the 16th of June 2018. Participants that register until the 14th of January 2018 will get a discount on the registration fee.

The Sibiu Performing Arts Market is an opportunity to meet with producers, event organizers, financers and promoters of quality artistic creations, and last but not least, an occasion to explore the possibilities of international touring. Through the organized activities - presentations, conferences, workshops, meetings, social activities - there are created many opportunities to meet local and international artists, to promote productions and expand contact lists.

Those interested to establish new professional connections with Romanian and international participants can register through the form available on The Market’s website.

Complete information about the registration period, available packages and recommandations from the organizers are available on the official website, under key terms, conditions for registration and packages and fees. Those interested in registering can access the Participant’s Registration Guide for information about how to complete the registration form correctly. Moreover, the guide offers recommendations meant to help the participants to promote themselves in a professional manner, and to improve their presentations on their activity.

The Market’s activities have developed each year so as to facilitate a greater interaction between the participants. Among the events scheduled for the 22nd edition, we find:

„Meetings and classes with great choreographers”
The workshop is structured into two parts: a theoretical one - for introduction and presentation of movement concepts and principles used in creating a performance, and a practical one - experimenting work methods. The workshop is addressed to all those passionate about contemporary dance and the exploration of its forms, and participation is free, within place availability.

„Festivals in the 21st century: Who Are They For, How We Do Them, How Do We Finance Them?
For three days, this workshop bring together young festival producers, arts and cultural management students, members of cultural departments from institutions and other persons eager to find out more about organizing a festival.

Cultural Conversations
The event consists of a series of interviews with FITS guests that talk about a different facet of the artistic act, in which the guests present the methods through which they conceive their performances, but also financing solutions for projects according to their own countries. Noel Witts, honoured professor in performing arts of the Leeds Beckett University is the host of these creative meetings.

Speed networking
An innovative format of fast and concise meeting that facilitate the construction of an important contact list and offers participants the possibility to directly discuss with important cultural operators, within an established timeframe of 10 minutes. This event encourages exposure and concise presentation of your activities, maximizing the opportunity to find the right partner for new productions of tours.

European Capitals of Culture Conference
This meeting brings together representatives of the European Capitals of Culture, from 2018 until 2023, discussing aspects such as community, economy or cultural development. Each year, representatives from the Ministry of Culture and National Identity and from countries that will hold the title of European Capital of Culture join in the discussions.

“The Sibiu Performing Arts Market, the only performing arts market in Romania, opens its gates for the 25th anniversary edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. Over the years, the investment in The Market has been a strategic objective. Together with the Festival, The Market is developing this language of marketing, of the need to produce performances in a healthy and coherent way, of the need for promotion, of the need to identify financing structures, and last, but not least, the development of a dialogues between artists, programmers, promoters and financers can flourish at a community level. Over the last years we have made tremendous progress. The fact that at the Sibiu Performing Arts Market arrive the most important personalities in the world, from festival directors to great artist, from financers to arts market development visionaries, proves that the city of Sibiu is a leader at a continental level in that which means this coherent promotion of creativity. We welcome you to register and benefit from the programmes that The Market develops. Access the website and see all of the advantages that you can enjoy by participating in this unique event that will take place between the 11th and the 16th of June, during FITS, that will take place from the 9th to the 17th of June”, declared Constantin Chiriac, President of the Sibiu Performing Arts Market.

      © Nicola Gligor