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   11 may 2017

   cristina ghinea

New performance locations at FITS: places of worship in Sibiu, the surrounding area and on the Transylvanian fortified churches route

The programme of FITS events is extended in 2017 to include the places of worship in Sibiu, Mărginimea Sibiului (surrounding area) and the Transylvanian fortified churches route, thus adding a new dimension of the festival headlined by organ concerts performed by Romanian and international artists.

In the Evangelical Church in Cisnădie (Heltau), built around 1500, there are two organs: the big organ - from 1944 - and the small organ that dates back to 1793. This is the location chosen for the organ concert that will be held by Amalia Goje, founding member of the Baroque music band "Fonte di Gioia". Co-produced by: The Evangelical Church in Cisnădie.

The Evangelical Church in Cisnădioara (Michelsberg) has one of the most well-preserved organs of all Evangelical churches in Transylvania, after the successful restoration of the instrument in 1991. Noémi Miklós will hold an organ concert in this sacred place. She is a member of the chamber music band, "Flauto Dolce". This event is co-produced by The Evangelical Parish of Cisnădioara.

The Capella Coronensis & The Bach Youth Choir of the Black Church will hold a concert at the Criț Fortified Church - built in a Neo-Gothic style at the dawn of the 19th century on the same location where the initial church had been erected in 1270 - entitled "Musica Poetica - 500 years since the Church Reformation", with musical pieces by: Honterus, Schütz, Buxtehude, Bach, Homilius, Hedwig and conducted by Steffen Schlandt. The organ of the Criț Evangelical Church, built by master Johann Thois in 1813, has been entirely refurbished by the Michael Schmidt Foundation and given back to the public in 2013.

The Evangelical Church in Guşteriţa (Hammersdorf) is an authentic fortified church surrounded by walls. The church organ was built by a Swiss organ builder, who also created other five instruments around Sibiu. The instrument was restored in 2014 and now it is regularly used in the summer time as a church organ.
Before the official concert at FITS, organist Jürg Leutert from Switzerland will present several musical and figurative portraits of angels. Besides the organ, he will play other instruments and he will also sing in order to interpret and explain the connection between different acoustic and optical phenomena.

In Roșia there is one of the oldest fortified churches, the Evangelical Church in Roşia (Rothberg), but most of the fortification has already disappeared. Lutheran writer and minister Eginald Schlattner, author of the famous novel "The Beheaded Rooster", lives in the parsonage of Roşia. Inside the church, different styles can be noticed: Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo. The organ built in 1850 is a worthy antipode to this liturgical midpoint.
In Roșia, Erich Türk will present all the sound capabilities of the organ and he will guide the audience along the various building styles with the help of music history from 1200 to 1900, or even longer.

The Evangelical Church of Slimnic (Stolzenburg) is not a fortified church. The ruins of the castle are on the hill and give an impression of the efforts that the people had to make to protect themselves. One of the few remaining peasant fortresses in Transylvania is located in Slimnic. The ruins were used as a scenic backdrop for some sequences of the "Nostradamus" film starring Gérard Depardieu.
The organ is made by the famous organ builder Johannes Hahn the elder, from Sibiu. After its complete restoration in 2016, this instrument is one of the best preserved of its type.
During this event, Ursula Philippi will present the instrument not only as a solo instrument, but also together with the violinist Roxana Bârsan. All the Saxon organs were especially used to accompany the congregation, the choir and the orchestra.
The Evangelical Parish of Sibiu is co-producer of the concerts held in Gușterița, Roșia and Slimnic.

Ticket prices for these events range from 10 to 20 lei. Tickets can be found at the Theatre Agency – which will move temporarily in the lobby of Radu Stanca National Theatre, Blvd. Corneliu Coposu no. 2, until May 16 - as well as in the national network of Germanos, Orange and Vodafone stores, Humanitas and Cărturești book stores, or on-line, on the portal www.eventim.ro.

The programme of performances for Sibiu International Theatre Festival may be subject to change and its updated version will be available in due time on www.sibfest.ro. For any information necessary or if you have any questions related to the festival programme, please email us at ticketing@sibfest.ro.

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