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   13 February 2013

   adrian tibu

Nakamura Yo comes in Sibiu in 2014

Sibiu International Theatre Festival’s prize, part of this year’s edition of Yokohoma Dance Collection EX (February 2 – 17), was awarded to the young Japanese dancer Nakamura Yo.

This is the first prize awarded by Sibiu International Theatre Festival (SITF) within an international competition. Yokohoma Dance Collection EX, the most important contemporary dance festival in Japan, represents a unique medium for promotion for all choreographers. The event is annual and takes place in Red Brick Warehouse Yokohoma, the second most inhabited city in Japan. This year, the festival’s program received 164 applications from five countries from Asia and was unfold into two sections: The 1st Competition, dedicated to professional choreographers who had their work already shown to the audience and The 2nd Competition, dedicated to young choreographers under the age of 25, whose artwork did not exceed 10 minutes.

SITF’s prize is an invitation for a choreographer to hold a workshop and perform a show in Sibiu, in the year 2014, as its main purpose is to further contribute to the ever so important cultural dialog between the Romanian and Japanese artists. This prize is awarded to a choreographer from The 1st Competition with the support of EU Japan Fest Committee and Air France Romania and was awarded to Yo Nakamura. The young 24 years old dancer began her studies at Tokyo’s Waseda University and since 2009 has worked with choreographers like Onodera Shuji and Kondo Ryohei and performed in several short television productions. The young dancer began creating her own choreographies last year when she took part in Yokohama Festival’s 2nd Competition section and the in NEXTREAM21 Dance Competition where she was awarded The Jury’s Prize.

Moreover, the Grand Prize of this years’ edition of Yokohama Festival was also awarded to choreographer Nakamura Yo, acknowledging this young artist’s talent and innovative approached of the production “Good Bye”, an artwork that combines fragments of dance, theatre and film. The winner’s production was shown on February 10th in front of a jury consisting of Shinji Ono (producer, Aoyama Theatre), Hiroko Shindo (dance critic), Fumio Hamano (senior editor for Shinshokan Dance Magazine), Keizo Maeda (director at Realcities), Ko Murobushi (choreographer), Rebecca Lee (Japan French Institute’s director), and Aymar Crosnier (assistant director at Angers Contemporary Dance Center).

Sibiu International Theatre Festival is the most important performing arts festival in Romania and the third in Europe considering its size and dimensions. For 10 days over 2500 artists and producers worldwide present more than 350 events placed in 60 venues in and around the city of Sibiu. This year’s anniversary edition will take place from June 7th until June 16th.

      © Yoichi Tsukada