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   29 march 2017

   cristina ghinea

Mikhail Baryshnikov, Robert Wilson and Valery Fokin at FITS 2017

The New Riga Theatre, Latvian state theatre, presents "BRODSKY/BARYSHNIKOV" at FITS 2017, a one-man show directed by Alvis Hermanis. This year's performance is based on the poems of Nobel laureate, Joseph Brodsky, interpreted by renowned dancer, choreographer and American actor, Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Alvin Hermanis was also present at FITS 2016 with "Shukshin’s Stories" and has received a star on the Sibiu Walk of Fame. He has received countless awards including Europe Prize New Theatre Realities, Stanislavski Award, two Golden Mask awards (Moscow), Max Reinhardt Pen (Salzburg Festspiele), Nestroy Preis (Austria) and Wolf Konrad Award (Germany). "BRODSKY/BARYSHNIKOV" was nominated for "Performance of the Year" at the Latvian Theatre Awards and the actor was nominated for "Actor of the Year" at the same awards ceremony.

The famous artist Robert Wilson, one of the most important representatives of avant-garde theatre, who articulates the force and originality of his visions on stage, is also coming to FITS 2017. Robert Wilson is one of the guests of honour this year and he will receive a star on Sibiu Walk of Fame at the end of the festival, as a sign of acknowledgement for his extraordinary contributions brought to the world of theatre.

Paying tribute to revolutionary composer, John Cage, Wilson performs "Lecture on Nothing", one of the main writings of 20th century experimental literature. Cage's text is charming, often amusing, worthy of being cited, often provoking anger and profoundly challenging from an intellectual point of view and the performance is known as "an exceptional acoustic and visual approach to the philosophical and poetic text."

Be it paintings, sculptures or performances, Wilson's works have been shown all over the world. Over time, Wilson has received multiple excellency awards such as: the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Goethe Institute (2014), Olivier Award for "Best New Opera", for "Einstein on the Beach" (2013), two Ubu awards and a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize.

This year, Alexandrinsky Theatre from Russia presents "Yours, Gogol. The Last Monologue", a performance based on the psychological and religious convictions of Nikolay Gogol, including suggestions about the position that an artist must occupy today. The performance is based on historical documents, but also on letters and articles written by the author.

It's no surprise that Valery Fokin directed this performance, which premiered in December 2016, since Fokin has long been attracted to the work and life of Gogol. To this day, Fokin has created about 20 performances based on the Russian author's work, focusing on the theatricality and the psychological analysis of actors. Among many other awards, the theatre director and artistic director of Alexandrinsky Theatre was awarded the International Gogol Prize in 2015 and he also received the St. Petersburg Government Prize for Art and Culture in 2016 for his contribution to the development of theatre traditions in St. Petersburg. Valery Fokin will receive a star on Sibiu Walk of Fame at FITS 2017.

based on the poems of Joseph Brodsky
Copyright © 2015, The Estate of Joseph Brodsky
All rights reserved

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