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   8 May 2013

   adrian tibu

Discover the magic of circus shows at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival

The programme of the 20th edition of Sibiu International Theatre Festival suggests an adventure that explores the limits of the human body, through a series of performances where the art of circus mingles with contemporary dance, music, poetry, comedy and gymnastics.

The four circus shows that will be held this year offer, for the first time in Sibiu, the chance to discover a magical universe of the imagination, where motion will become the common language of a large group of artists from Australia, Canada, Finland, New Zeeland and Spain.

The first circus performance will take place on Saturday June 8, at 18:00, at Casa de Cultura a Sindicatelor in Sibiu. Highly appreciated internationally as being an example of poetic beauty and physicality, the C!RCA company promises to bring to Sibiu a refined and extremely sensitive show that explores the architecture of the human body. Built as an intimate representation that emphasizes passion and human attraction, C!RCA’s show has also been performed in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Spain, USA, Sweden and Hungary.

This edition of FITS also marks the return in Romania, of Les Parfaits Inconuus, after they’ve had another show in Sibiu, in 2011. The Canadian company shares the vision of artists from various environments, such as rock music, stunts and juggling. The show, called „Le Retour”, will be performed twice on Sunday, June 16, at 16:00 and 21:00 respectively, at Casa de Cultura a Sindicatelor in Sibiu. „Le Retour” is a humorous show, created on the joyous rhythm of live music.

On Saturday, June 15 at 17:00, at the Gong Theatre, the Kallo Collective Company presents an eccentric clownish trio that gives life to Frankenstein – a clown brought on the surgical table. „Members of Our Limbs” is a provocative show that emphasizes interacting with the audience, reminding us of Mr Bean and even Charlie Chaplin through the artists’ physical and syncronizing abilities.

On Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9, the audience of all ages will be able to enjoy two outdoor circus shows. Both shows are held by the Faunito company, will take place at 14:00 on Nicolae Balcescu in Sibiu, and the access is free. The Fadunito Company was created in 2003 and owns an ARC prize, offered by the Theatre Distributors Association in Catalonia, for the best street show („The Great Family” – 2006).

Sibiu International Theatre Festival is the most important festival of performing arts in Romania and the third one in Europe in terms of scale and content. For ten days, more than 2500 artists and producers from all over the world will present over 350 events that will take place in 60 venues.




C!RCA (Circa/ Australia)

Directed by: Yaron Lifschitz
Coreography: Yaron Lifschitz şi the Circa Ensemble
Costume design: Libby McDonnell
Lights: Jason Organ
International Agent: Paul Tanguay
Artists involved: Jarred Dewey, Freyja Edney, Scott Grove, Todd Kilby, Alice Muntz, Lewis West

LITTLE CIRCUS (Fadunito/ Spain)

Directed by: Ferran Orobitg
Set design: Xevi Planes şi Xavi Badia
Artists involved: Ivan Alcoba, Ferran Orobitg, Jordi Pedros

MEMBERS OF OUR LIMBS (Kallo Collective/ Finland)

Created and performed by: Jenni Kallo, Sampo Kurppa şi Thom Monckton
Costume design: Tauko (Mila Moisio şi Kaisa Rissanen)
Set Design: Kallo Collective
Lights: Alice Leclerc / Elina Nopanen
Sound: Kallo Collective

LE RETOUR (Les Parfaits Inconnus/ Canada)

Directed by: Sylvain Dubois
Costume design: Cloé Alain
Set design: Julien St-Pierre
Music: Les Parfaits Inconnus
Artists involved: Sylvain Dubois, Patrick Mainville, Éric Boudreault, Philibert Hébert-Filion, Ariane Cabana, Jonathan Brochu, Simon Nadeau, Gonzalo Coloma