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   4 june 2015


Deutsches Theater Berlin and the famous choreographers Amir Kolben and Gigi Căciuleanu are coming back to Sibiu!

The return of one of the most important companies and show creators to the Sibiu International Theatre Festival proves consistency in values and friendship. Here are the daily recommendations!

Deutsches Theater Berlin is coming back to Sibiu after 5 years, staging a show based on a text by the young author Marianna Salzmann: “Mother Tongue Mameloschn”. The performance is scheduled on the first day of the festival, on Friday, 12th of June, at 5 p.m. at the Radu Stanca National Theatre. Born in 1985, Marianna Salzmann grew up in Moscow and she studied Creative Writing in Theatre at Berlin University of the Arts. In 2012, she received the Kleist Prize for Young Dramatists for her play “Birthmarks Window Blue” . The show is directed by Brit Bartkowiak and tells the story of three women, three generations, and three ways of life: grandmother, mother and daughter. What did it mean to be a Jewish 50 years ago in the Communist Germany and what does it mean Germany nowadays? Questions regarding the identity, the affiliation and the homeland are explored in the context of the anawakened anti-Semitism present in the East Germany – of which Clara, the mother, has learned the hard way, through her tragic experience. Even though the times have changed and they embraced some liberties, the fundamental questions remain the same.

The Israeli choreographer Amir Kolben comes back to Sibiu with the show „Charlie Mandelbaum”, produced by the contemporary dance company Kolben Dance Company, which he created in 1996. The performance is scheduled for Monday, 15th of June at 6 p.m. at Casa de Cultură a Sindicatelor – Sala Mare. Amir Kolben signs the choreography, the set design and the music design of this amazing show in which Charlie is Charlie Chaplin, the loser-winner who can exist only in a world where people are classified this way. Charlie is Charles Lindberg who crossed the sky and the human imagination with a primitive airplane and proved that there is no limit to the human chutzpah. Charlie is all the soldiers after whom Check point Charlie in Berlin could have been called, the passage between two hostile sections of one divided city. And Mandelbaum? Mandelbaum is us. It is everything Charlie can be. Mandelbaum dreams that one day he will become Charlie. Mandelbaum is the gate in the wall between the two parts of Jerusalem when it was not yet made of gold. And now, when the wall has become invisible but painfully present, maybe Mandelbaum can get back to being just another man that lives in just another street in just another country that happens to be ours.

Gigi Căciuleanu, the great Romanian theatre and dance choreographer is bringing this year in the festival the show „Imagine all the people”, signing the directing, the choreography, the costumes and the light design for it. Manager of the National Choreography Center in Rennes, creator of the company „The Studio of Contemporary Dance le Grand Théâtre de Nancy”, artistic manager at the Chilean National Ballet, top billing in Paris, Moscow, Montevideo, Tel Aviv, Santiago, Cardiff, Hamburg and Rome, Gigi Căciuleanu received a star on the Festival’s Walk of Fame in 2014 for his unique creation in theatre and dance, marked by music and poetry. The show is produced by the Romanian National Opera from Iasi and it is scheduled for Tuesday, on 16th of June, at 8 p.m., at Casa de Cultură a Sindicatelor – Sala Mare. „For this show I imagined a group of people, a sample of human society in action. And what other art, if not the art of movement, of dance, would be able to join together these atoms of society so as to bring to life a moment of social physics, and of group alchemy, (...) speaking not only to the eye, but even to the mind and, I hope, to the heart of the spectator. I’d allow myself to invite the public not only to watch, but also, in the imagination, to participate at the fate of each dance-actor. „Imagine all the people” – as John Lennon so beautifully advises us”. - Gigi Căciuleanu

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