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   29 OCTOBER 2020


Constantin Chiriac, receives title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the “George Enescu” National Art University of Iași

On Wednesday, 28 October 2020, the “George Enescu” National Arts University of Iași granted Constantin Chiriac the title Doctor Honoris Causa, as a recognition of his extraordinary academic, managing and artistic career. The jury’s motivation highlights the spectacular career of Constantin Chiriac, who as an actor, professor, Manager of the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre of Sibiu, President of Street Arts European Forum – Open Street, President of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival and President of the Foundation Democracy through Culture has brought a significant contribution to ‘supporting and promoting national culture’. The award ceremony will take place during the 2020-2021 university year, as an exact date will be announced shortly.

Constantin Chiriac, honoured by the distinction granted by the prestigious University of Iași, one of the oldest theatre schools in Romania

‘I confess that I have received many a distinction all around the world, some from the hands of kings or emperors, presidents or great personalities, but being able to return home, where the earth gave me life and where I was educated by my grandparents, my parents and later by all my teachers, is a unique chance to travel back, but always looking forward. Starting from the verb to be happy, but like God, who gives us life, or the sun that gives us heat and light: be happy by giving. The moment we learn to give without waiting for anything in return, we will sleep better. We will have found our meaning on earth. (...) The prizes, the distinctions we grant are not just a box we tick, but must lead to a change. As long as you honour me today by placing me in this gallery of personalities who make up the foundation of the University that you lead, I must think about what I can do for your students, for this University, so that it remains alive, stands strong and starts dialogues. (...) The past has pushed me to choose Sibiu, but I have never forgot the city of Iași. (...) We must join forces. Wherever I received awards, I have learnt that, in order to get recognition one on one, I had to work to show that we were three times better. Do not be tempted by politics. Try to use the power of politics by imposing. Putting together the last four FITS themes into one sentence, it would bring content to everything that matters in life: Out of Love, with Passion, we are Building Trust to nurture The Art Of Giving’, Constantin Chiriac.

The illustrious theatre man, George Banu, a good friend of the theatre and academic environment in Sibiu and a constant presence at FITS, was happy to hear about the decision of the University of Iași:

‘Constantin Chiriac has established himself as a man of all possibilities, rebelling against the impossible and this is the essence of his identity. Not accepting the impossible was his law, his unwearied drive. Chiriac surprises his partners by devaluing the modesty he assimilates to a useless, mediocre, no impact virtue. He claims the courage of radical bets, the ego of the victories stemming from affirming an ego that does not shy away, nor retract into humility, but on the contrary, dedicates himself to impossible projects. Victory requires an unlimited supply of self-confidence, not feeling fearful, and full dedication. Constantin Chiriac is a man of synergies. (...) In the Theatre he leads, the Festival he created, the university in which he got involved, he cultivates exchanges, sparks energies through unforeseen associations, baffles the established order! Thus, he turns synergy into his work principle. In the spirit of Peter Brook, he does not limit himself to the purity of a single domain, a single option. That is why, it is completely legitimate for an Art University like that in Iași to honour him. (...) Chiriac cultivates friendship as a core value in a world where it’s often missing, in a theatre community that deeply needs it. Yet, at the same time, he observes Aristotle’s belief that “He who has many friends has no friends”. He practices the exigency of friendship as ethics, but all the while is intransigent when it comes to treason, cowardness or any tarnishing of this cardinal virtue’, George Banu.

      © Alex Gâlmeanu