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   11 june 2018

   oltea zambori

A busy start of the week at FITS 2018

Today was the opening of the 22nd edition of the Sibiu Performing Arts Market held in the presence of Constantin Chiriac, President of FITS (RO), Guo Xiaonan, President of Shengzhou Yue Opera Town (CHN), Shihui Weng, Royal Shakespeare Company (UK) and Noam Semel, Artistic Director, Jaffa Fest Theatre Festival (ISR). Over the following days, internationally acclaimed guests will be present at this year's Market and they will hold conferences and special events that are open to the press and the public, free of charge, during 11 - 16 June.

On 12 June, at 9:30 AM, there will be a special conference, "Festivals in Dialogue", during which Nelson Fernandez will have a conversation with Divya Bhatia (Rajastan International Folk Festival) and Alexandru Ion (IDEO IDEIS Young Theatre Festival), followed by the conference "European Capitals of Culture" with guest speakers Joanne Attard Mallia (Valletta 2018 Foundation) and Vojislav Prkosovacki (Foundation Novi Sad 2021, European capital of culture), moderated by Octavian Saiu.

Sibiu International Theatre Festival continues with indoor performances, conferences, exhibitions and traveling theatre performances after tens of thousands of spectators participated at all events included in the festival programme during the weekend.

"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" is a one-man-show starring Lari Giorgescu and created by Gigi Căciuleanu (choreography and text), with a fragment from the original script of Commedia dell’Arte by W. A. Mozart. "It is a metaphor of the solitude of the long-run creator", of a solitary Artist-Man, Man-Artist, ageless and Eternal-Child who is also an Old-Wise-Philosopher, Juggler and Alchemist.

"The Karamazovs", a performance by Teatrul Mic of Bucharest, directed by Nona Ciobanu and with an original musical score by Vasile Șirli, will be held at 6 PM at Fabrica de Cultură UniCredit. At the same time, in Piața Mare, "Labyrinth II" is installed for this evening, followed by 6 hours of colorful pursuits. Claiming the street as a natural meeting place, Itinerània practices an ephemeral and festive intervention in the public space. Its creations, installations made primarily of iron and wood, use visible basic mechanical structures and devices. It is a markedly participatory proposal, which arouses the curiosity of participants of all ages. "Labyrinth II" is a sea of colored walls full of crossroads which challenge the most intrepid participants with its visual enigmas and ability doors.

One of the special events on 11 June is the performance of "Hedda Gabler", a TNRS production, presented at FITS by LIDL Romania, at 8 PM, in the large hall of "Radu Stanca" National Theatre. Hedda Gabler holds our hand and brings us back to reality. She introduces us with the universe that surrounds us, but which we negate, because it is not only ugly, but also painful. The themes are the same as they have been for millennia: the complexity and fragility of human relationships, the kindness and vulnerability of people, the violence that hides in our daily lives, Eros and manipulation. Beginning with these subjects, we find a timeless space on stage where we can encounter and confront our own demons.

A ‘tender, post-apocalyptic love story’, "The Wheel House" - which will take place at Habermann Market on 11 and 12 June - is an acrobatic promenade show, which unfolds inside and around a circular set as it rolls with the audience walking alongside it. An enchanting story set in a dystopian future, at a time when survival relies on sharp eyes, quick hands, and above all, friendship. Join these traveler-gatherers on the road to nowhere: treading lightly, enduring quietly, and always, always moving onwards. "The Wheel House" is a performance with a stunning design and theatrical acrobatics, housed in an exquisite, hand-built rolling theatre set, a unique performance that has captured the hearts of audiences around the world. Acrojou’s flagship show, "The Wheel House", has been touring worldwide since 2008 and is the most widely toured "Without Walls" commission to date.

Tickets for FITS 2018 can be purchased at the Theatre Agency (17, Nicolae Bălcescu Street) during the festival, between 9 AM and 8 PM, and the Info Desk can be found in the same place with the same hourly schedule. Online tickets and more information about the scheduled performances can be found at www.sibfest.ro. Tickets purchased online on the festival's website have the same price as those purchased from the Theatre Agency. Prices for tickets purchased directly from the entertix.ro platform vary depending on selected printing and shipping options.