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   2 FEBRUARY 2021


58 performances and events in February at the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre Sibiu

In February, the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre Sibiu presents no less than 58 performances and events, both offline, at the Big Hall, and online, on the Digital Stage or on the TNRS Facebook page and YouTube channel, of which no less than 32 events free of charge. Some of the most appreciated titles in the repertory of the National Theatre in Sibiu, a small part of them mentioned below, will be presented in February at the Big Hall of the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre Sibiu: “Against Democracy”, directed by Alexandru Dabija, “Slices”, performance by Lia Bugnar, with Ofelia Popii; “Mineblindness”, directed by Bogdan Sărătean, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and “„Autobahn”, directed by Andrei and Andreea Grosu, “Marriage Proposal”, directed by Robert Raponja, “I Love the Way You Smell!”, directed by Șerban Puiu, “Tom and Jerry”, directed by Florin Piersic Jr., “Tattoo”, directed by Radu Afrim, “LIVE”, directed by Bobi Pricop, etc.

A double premiere directed by theatre and film actress Ofelia Popii

“The Best Day”, the film produced by TNRS for the Digital Stage, and “A Beautiful Day”, the performance to premiere at the Big Hall, on 11 February, both productions based on the text by playwright Sławomir Mrożek, and directed by Ofelia Popii, with the actors Ciprian Scurtea and Adrian Matioc, are this month’s premieres at the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre Sibiu.

‘We live isolated and die alone. The destiny is our own psyche leading us with a will that isn’t ours. We need the other to find a purpose, a meaning, in a competition pushing us to extermination. What is the meaning of losing? What is the meaning of winning? What's with this almost wild need to be a winner? In just a few moments during a life lasting as long as a day, laughter is our salvation. We live life in cliches, create rules and break them only to build others, fight for freedoms that only restrict us. Laughter is the only thing that can free us. Let us then laugh at life and at death, at love and at hatred, at the concept of being human!’ Ofelia Popii

Starting 1 February, the film “The Best Day” is available on the Digital Stage platform and can be watched anytime and on any device, by purchasing a ticket or a subscription. The performance “A Beautiful Day”, directed by Ofelia Popii, will premiere at the Big Hall on 11 February 2021. The text underlying the two productions brings to the fore two characters and one big existential problem – to kill oneself or not. When does life become unbearable – when destiny reveals itself as a permanent farce, always throwing spanners in your work, or when even your most insignificant whims are fulfilled? This is the beginning of a friendship that may help The Gentleman (Ciprian Scurtea) and The Young Man (Adrian Matioc) discover the true value of a human life. In a dense social context dominated by egotism, this (philosophical) adventure bordering tragi-comedy by Mrożek is an invitation to discover, in the happiness shared through acts of kindness and sacrifice, perhaps the only way to save ourselves and to appreciate the beauty of one’s own life.

32 free online events

The cultural offer of the National Theatre in Sibiu is complemented by new episodes of the series “Actori.SB.Online – Theatre Gifts”, “Tradiții TO GO” – in partnership with the ASTRA Museum Sibiu, and a series of four new play-readings presented by actors of the Romanian and the German Departments, as part of the “Virgil Flonda” Play-Reading section. The above-mentioned online events will be streamed free of charge on the TNRS, FITS, and partner Facebook pages, as well as on the YouTube Channel of the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre Sibiu.

Subscribers of TNRS – Digital Stage to access the performance “The Idiot”, directed by Andriy Zholdak, free of charge

In February, the subscribers of the platform TNRS– Digital Stage, regardless of the chosen subscription (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months) will be able to watch the show “The Idiot”, directed by Andryi Zholdak, including Constantin Chiriac, online on the platform, free of charge. February brings two new premieres on the platform: “The Best Day”, directed by Ofelia Popii, and “I’m a Communist Biddy”, directed by Mariana Mihu-Plier, available in a pay-per-view system or by subscription, besides the titles available already: “Autobahn”, directed by Andrei and Andreea Grosu, “Tom and Jerry 2.0”, directed by Florin Piersic Jr., “Public Opinion”, directed by Theodor-Cristian Popescu, “Moroi”, directed by Alexandru Dabija, “Horizon”, show by Victor Olăhuț, “Maternal”, directed by Radu Nica, “Slices”, performance by Lia Bugnar, with Ofelia Popii, and “LIVE”, directed by Bobi Pricop.

The productions of the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre streamed on the Digital Stage (https://www.scena-digitala.ro/en) platform are available anytime, anywhere, on any device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, TV), in a pay-per-view system or by subscription. Subscriptions cost between RON 49 and RON 329, depending on their duration and the number of performances included. All the productions on the platform have English subtitles, or Romanian subtitles, in the case of the productions of the German Department of the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre Sibiu. 

Full schedule, here

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