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   2 june 2015

   Daniela Plopeanu

10 days before the Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2015 starts, 10 000 tickets have already been sold and 21 shows are sold-out

The organizers of the festival have announced that they currently have a number of 21 shows sold-out and 10 000 tickets sold until today, as tickets for all the performances in the festival have been put up for sale. By public demand, for some shows, the number of performances, as well as the number of tickets was increased.

The programme of the 22nd edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival is the most complex, so far : 21 000 tickets for 119 indoor performances have been put up for sale. Also, public access is free for more than 300 outdoor performances (street shows), conferences, exhibitions, book launches, film screenings, readings and debates.

By public demand, the organizers have included one more performance for the following shows: “The Cruelty of Beauty and Power (Phaedra’s Laboratory)”, RootlessRoot (Greece) – on Friday, 19th of June, at 5 p.m., at Sala Studio of Radu Stanca National Theatre; “With the Gipsy Girls” – UNTEATRU (Romania) - on Saturday, 20th of June, at 4 p.m. at the Gong Theatre for Children and Youth and “For Sale”(Odeon Theatre, Romania) – on Sunday, 21st of June, at 10 p.m., at the Octavian Goga National College.

Likewise, the number of tickets for the show „Faust” (Radu Stanca National Theatre of Sibiu) has been supplemented for all of its three performances, scheduled for 12th, 14th and 20th of June, at 10 p.m., Baza SC CONSTRUCTII SA.

Until the festival begins, the organizers will recommand each day three shows or three companies, in order to bring the highlights of this years’s edition to the public’s attention. Today’s first recommendation is the show „Carmen”, produced by the Stabile Theatre of Torino, which was recently played at the opening of the Universal Exhibition in Milan. The director of this play is Mario Martone, one of the most important contemporary Italian directors, along with Pippo Delbono and Antonio Latella. In order to build this amazing show, in which actors and musicians come together, Mario Martone collaborated with the musical director Mario Tronco and with Enzo Moscato, one of the most enthusiastic voices in the Italian contemporary theatre, who wrote the script starting from the work of Prosper Merimée. Besides the actors of the Stabile Theatre of Torino, the public will have the opportunity to listen to the amazing musicians of the Orchestra Piazza Vittorio, which is very famous around the world and is gathering incredible artists. The show „Carmen” is scheduled on Friday, 12th of June, at 10 p.m. and Saturday, 13th of June, at 6 p.m., at Thalia Hall.

The most famous French theatre, Théâtre de la Ville will perform (for the first time in Romania) the show „Six characters in search of an author”, directed by the acclaimed Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota. This show is a representative performance for Théâtre de la Ville, just like „Faust” is for Radu Stanca National Theatre and at the same time it is the most valuable work of Demarcy-Mota. The first time he directed this play of Pirandello, he was 20 years old and a few years later, for a second mise en scène, he invited some of the actors from the initial performance. Now Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota is placing on stage a 3rd version of this play, with the same actors. Those who were 25, now are 40 and those who were 58, now are over 70. It represents the way in which the director perceives the life and the theatre, aiming to reconnect with the energy from the past, to create the show in the present. „Six characters in search of an author” is scheduled on Friday, 12th of June, at 7 p.m and Saturday, 13th of June, at 5 p.m., at Casa de Cultură a Sindicatelor – Sala Mare.

„Les 7 doigts de la main”, Canada, the second famous circus company in the world, after Cirque du Soleil, will perform in the festival the show „Cuisine & Confession”. Two performances are scheduled on Friday, 12th of June, from 5 p.m. and 10 p.m., at BRD scene no. 9. It’s a show that combines acrobatic choreography, music and rhythm with the ingredients of a recipe delivered from generation to generation, over the years, which brings up memories and confessions. The touch of the batter with the hands, the smell of the cakes from the oven and the taste of oregano cooked joins the movement and the sound, taking us through a labyrinth of eras and different countries.

We’ll be back tomorrow with new recommandations and with the same warm invitation to join us during the Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2015!

      © Les 7 doigts de la main Alexandre Galliez