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  Frequently Asked Questions

When are the next editions of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival scheduled?

The 27th edition: 12 - 21 June 2020
The 28th edition: 11 - 20 June 2021
The 29th edition: 10 - 19 June 2022
The 30th edition: 09 - 18 June 2023
The 31st edition: 14 - 23 June 2024
The 32nd edition: 13 - 22 June 2025

How can I buy tickets for the events?

The tickets for the events of Sibiu International Theatre Festival’s 25rd edition will be available next May. 

The organizers of the Festival put up for sale over 30.000 tickets yearly and also organize an important series of events to which the audience has free access, based upon availability. Tickets can be bought either at the Theatre Agency in Sibiu, or online at entertix.ro. Pupils, students and seniors get up to a 50% discount based upon availability.

How can I get a printed schedule of the event?

The updated schedule for Sibiu International Theatre Festival can be downloaded from sibfest.ro. Printed copies are also available for free, before the beginning of FITS, at the Info Desk (Box Office, Nicolae Bălcescu Street, no 17), Habitus Centre in Piața Mică (Small Square) or the Tourist Information Centre at the city hall.

How can I become part of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival program?

Sibiu International Theatre Festival is an event that promotes excellence in the Performing arts. The selection of the events that are part of the program is done by the recommendation of an artistic board, and one can take part in the Festival only by invitation. The members of the artistic board travel the world in search of artists throughout the year, and the negotiations regarding the development of a project or inviting an artist starts, sometimes, several years in advance. If you think your project could contribute to the success of this festival, we are more than glad to receive your application!
If you have a proposal and you wish to take part in the upcoming editions of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, please send your material before 1 October. Regarding the selection, we will only take into account the submissions containing the entire recording of the show (internet link or DVD), technical rider, number of people on tour and financial details. The material can be sent either by e-mail (vicentiu.rahau@sibfest.ro - indoor performances; dan.bartha@sibfest.ro - outdoor performances) or by post (Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Bd. Corneliu Coposu 2, Sibiu, 550245, Romania).

Due to the large number of submissions, only the selected companies will be contacted by our team. If you haven’t heard from us, we thank you for your interest regarding the Sibiu International Theatre Festival and we are gladly waiting you for a new selection session at the end of next summer.

Where can I find the Aplauze magazine?

The Aplauze magazine is distributed daily for free in a circulation of 1000 copies at the Info Desk (Box Office, Nicolae Bălcescu Street, no 17), the Tourist Information Centre and the Habitus Centre in Piata Mica (Small Square). The Magazine can also be downloaded as a pdf straight from sibfest.ro

The Magazine can also be downloaded as a pdf straight from sibfest.ro