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  the festival in dates and numbers

10 days

For 10 days, at the beginning of summer, Sibiu becomes an enormous stage that opens a window to humanity in its most vibrant form. The 265th edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival will take place June 14 to 23 2019.

3300 guests from 73 countries

More than 3300 artists and special guests are expected in Sibiu to celebrate the 26th edition of the International Theater Festival. The festival establishes a meeting point that is unique in the world due to the diversity of the debated ideas and the energy of every representing country’s specific culture.

575 events

Sibiu International Theatre Festival is the most complex festival in Romania. Internationally, it has become the most important performing arts festival in Europe, judging by its ampleness, dimension, and quality of events. The ampleness and dimension of the programmes proposed in Sibiu have generated an international event with a structure becoming more defined. The programme of this year continues a rich cultural offer, at the highest level, with almost 500 events offering a good alternative to leisure time with family and friends. In 2015, Constantin Chiriac received the Japan Foreign Affairs Ministry award for his contribution to the development of cultural relations between Japan and Romania, in the frame of Sibiu International Theatre Festival. Constantin Chiriac, Festival President, was distinguished with the Japan Foundation Award for 2015.

75 venues

Sibiu has always been a place of the spectacular, with a rich history reflecting in its architecture and large squares that bear witness to many turning points in Transylvania’s destiny, starting from 1191. Sibiu International Theatre Festival changes the city and presents events in more than 70 venues, among which there are churches, historical sites, pubs, and also the classic theatre halls. The elements of the open-air shows creates an energy-providing atmosphere by facilitating the access of a large number of spectators to the cultural life of the city.

72.000 spectators

The producers of this year’s edition expect over 70000 visitors per day, with more than 4000 accommodations provided by the festival’s logistics board only. Sibiu International Theatre Festival also gathers together the most dynamic group of volunteers in Romania, a community of 600 local, national and international volunteers. Moreover, the Festival brings to Sibiu over 200 journalists and bloggers both from Romania and abroad, providing coverage of the event through articles in all the media.


Elected best year’s event at the Forum Hotel Tourism & Leisure Gala of Excellence in 2011, Sibiu International Theatre Festival contributes substantially to the consolidation of Romania’s international prestige and the development of the cultural tourism phenomenon by organizing events promoting excellence.