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  events regulations


1. Audience access to the performances that take place during the Sibiu International Theatre Festival is based solely on tickets that can be purchased from the Theatre Agency from Sibiu, on blvd. Nicolae Bălcescu no. 17, online at www.sibfest.ro, through the www.entertix.ro platform. No reservations can be made for the performances that take place during the festival; access is guaranteed only through ticket purchase.

2. The Sibiu International Theatre Festival accepts cash payment or payment by credit card (Visa and Mastercard), as well as payment orders.

3. The Sibiu International Theatre Festival offers discounts on tickets for students and seniors only on the basis of documentary evidence to be presented at the entrance of the show. If the viewer is unable to prove that they are a student or retired, TNRS may refuse access to the hall without refunding the ticket, or permit acces only if the difference for a full-priced ticket is payed.

4. Entrance for children under the age of 3 in the venue it is not allowed.

5. Entrance for children over the age of 4 in the venue is conditioned by presenting the discount tickets, sold within seat availability.

6. The Sibiu International Theatre Festival may present productions that can contain messages unsuited for certain age segments and considering this, a notice will be visible on the production’s poster and on the official website of the institution. In this case, the organizers can refuse to grant access to the show for all the age segments previously mentioned in the notice.

7. For organized groups of 15 people or more, the Sibiu International Theatre Festival may offer discounts depending on the event and seat availability. For further information, please contact the Theatre Agency.

8. Entry to the performance hall after the start time of the event, as it appears printed on the ticket, is not allowed.

9. Failure to show up in due time does not entitle patrons to a refund or to use the ticket in a subsequent performance.

10. For the comfort of the audience, the Sibiu International Theatre Festival recommends using the cloakroom. This service is free of charge.

11. The use of mobile phones, cameras, or other devices for video or audio recording is forbidden during the entire duration of the event.

12. Smoking is prohibited inside the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre of Sibiu and other venues (including medicinal or electronic cigarettes).

13. Animals are not allowed inside the performance hall.

14. It is strictly forbidden to enter the performance hall with any sort of food, coloured drinks or sodas, laser flashlights, contusive objects, toxic substances or weapon. There are situations when control inputs may take place at the entrance of the venues.

15. In case you need special assistance for entering the performance hall, please notify us no one day prior to the event, at the email address ticketing@sibfest.ro or at the phone number (+40) 369 101 578.

16. In case of illness of an actor or force majeur, the Sibiu International Theatre Festival has the right to make changes concerning the schedule of the events and the sold tickets will be refunded or renewed for a different performance. Any additional costs (travel, hotel, courier, bank charges, etc) will not be covered by organizers.

17. The schedule of the events held by the Sibiu International Theatre Festival may be changed, and the final version is available on www.sibfest.ro

(last revised on 11 April 2018)