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Last year, Vunk marked the coming true of their best dreams. In September, they were awarded Best Rock Band of the Year by the Romanian Music Awards and during their show in Brașov, performed in premier „Pleacă” in collaboration with Antonia. The moment was virally spread, seen by thousands of people on youtube and, in November, they released the official video of the song, broadcasted on all radio and TV stations in the country. Cellebrating 10 years of career and after a break of almost 4 years, in 2009, the band reinvent themselves, coming back in a news formula and under a new name: VUNK! Since then, the band is made up of: Cornel Ilie, Nicu Sârghea, Gabriel Maga and Bogdan Crucianu. The release the most recent album in the autumn of 2010: „Ca pe vremuri”. „Artificii pe tavan”, „Dau alarma”, „Vreau o țară ca afară”, „Lacrimi de coniac” and „Pleacă!” are already hits by the time. Since 2010, Vunk band is the Official Ambassador of the Romania Autism Organization. In 2011, Vunk received the Excellence Award at Gala 10 for Romania for their campaign „I want a country like abroad”, Radio România Actualități awards for Best Rock Band and Best Rock Album of the Year, the UCMR Romanian Copywrite Society award for Best Rock Album of the Year, Best Band performance at Rom Top Hit Bacău and Best Rock at the Romanian Music Awards.

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