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Cie Pi:ES Alain Buffard
Director: Alain Buffard
Choreography: Alain Buffard
Costumes: Misa Ishibashi
Lights: Yves Godin
Assistant: Fanny de Chaillé
Musical adaptation: Armelle Dousset
Technical direction: Christophe Poux
Light manager: Thalie Lurault
Production manager: Marion Gauvent
Executive producer: Latitudes Prod (Lille)
Cast: Lorenzo de Angelis, Armelle Dousset, Hanna Hedman, Jean-Claude Nelson, Olivier Normand, Tamar Shelef, Betty Tchomanga, Lise Vermot

“Mad dashes around, chanted, crazed tempi, beaten and scratched, uniformly cut costumes, oversized caps. A nod to dance, to war: military marching, absurd over the top training, corny tunes on the accordion, obsessive chanting, even a few dance steps - these will be the elements comprising Tout va bien. Going for basic training - or taking a class. We'll thumb our noses at the war machines, our mic stands will be transformed into unlikely rifles, our theatrical machines will work entirely in reverse. The recruits will not refrain from grotesque retorts in the expressionist vein: upon receiving arbitrary commands, they will respond with interchangeable strategies, and guttural warnings will trigger deployment of full linguistic weaponry. It'll be inwardly directed discipline over blind inspection. After creating “Dispositifs 3.1” (2001), I am working again with the themes of alienation and submissiveness, which comprise the standardizing structures of education, in order to see how the subjects emancipate themselves, and to that end I am considering tactics and maneuvers to jam up the machines. The music and songs will, I hope, drown out the authorities and powers-that-be. It is the jubilation of playful little guerrillas.” Alain Buffard May 2010

Co-production: Théâtre de Nîmes, Festival Montpellier danse 2010, Ménagerie de Verre – Paris, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou, Centre chorégraphique national de Caen/Basse Normandie.
In residency at Théâtre de Nîmes
Performance produced with the help of: The French Institute
Pi : ES has the support of: Prefecture de region Languedoc-Roussillon – Direction des affaires culturelles.

      © Marc Domage