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Directed by: Karbido
Lights: Tomasz Sikora
Sound: Jacek Fedorowicz
Cast: Pawel Czepulkowski, Igor Gawlikowski, Marek Otwinowski, Tomasz Sikora

“The Table” – audio spectacle. Music journey around the world. For two months, in the assistance of luthiers, carpenters and sound designers, the musicians worked on their invention, the astounding transformation of a piece of furniture into a potent musical instrument, in order to finally come out with a table stuffed with ultra-sensitive devices, capable of detecting and amplifying the most delicate vibrations and transforming them into sounds that create an electrifying one-hour-long concert, subtitled as “A Maple Swish-And- Shush, Or a Piece For Four Men And a Table”. Karbido demonstrates what freedom in art and music really is.