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LJUD group
Directed by: LJUD group
Costumes: LJUD group
Sound: LJUD group
Cast: LJUD group

„A UFO has crashed on earth; strange pink creatures are appearing on the streets... Will you run and hide? Call the police? Get your gun? Or will you come out to play?” An interplanetary expedition of immigrants from outer space has landed on our planet. Members of the expedition belong to different alien species, but as a reaction to the Earth atmosphere they gained a new protective color, so that humans would not take them too seriously. Prepare yourself for some truly unexpected „interplanetary“ dialogue. But please, don’t panic! They come in pink… Every alien character has its own story, its own ways of communicating and challenges the public in a different way. The aliens have a special sensibility, seeing the world around us as a completely new and exciting place. In search of a new home, they try to integrate into our society. “The Invasion” project is not a typical theatre show. It is a game, a movement, a pink virus spreading around the world... Come and get infected!

With the support of La STRADA and The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

      © Katarina Zalar