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Theatre Irrwisch
Directed by: Theatre Irrwisch and Pascal Larderet from Cie Cacahuète
Cast: Stefan Grassl, Stefan Novak, Rudi Hebinger

The town needs more unworthy old women. And now, they come. Insecurity is spreading; the borders of decency are crossed with relish. Better not mess with these old ladies! With typical wit and physical exertion, Irrwisch shows that pensioners could also use a riot. Coached by Cacahuète theatrical provocateurs, the granny gang embarks on rule-breaking with their little hats and brollies. Even better than the old Monty Python concept because this geriatric gang is real, they are here and there is going to be trouble.

With the support of: LA STRADA and IN SITU Coproduction

      © Isabella Heugl