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Asociaţia Culturală „7” – Teatrul „7”
by Ştefan Caraman
Directed by: Ion Mircioagă
Scenography:Ana-Iulia Popov
Choreography: Florin Caracala
Music: Florin Caracala
Cast: Radu Solcanu, Irina Cărămizaru

„Talk Show” is a special comedy as the humour derives from the unusual overlaying of life details and nurtures with the slush of daily living, thus appearing as real as possible. The comedy's tragic humor seems to be virused by Mazilu’s work and the atmosphere coming directly from Caragiale’s (the characters are related to Leonida and Eftimita). Two common people (having no terrifying flaws or lead by highly spiritual goals) become heroes as they finally comprehend their inability to continue their life together and act in consequence… Their disability is, in fact, ours – accustomed to live in a tiny kitchen, around the table, preoccupied with eating, nails, newspapers, savings, sexual impulses.

Performance presented ]n Romanian with English subtitles.

      © Gabriel Cristian Ivan