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Trupa de teatru DRAMA CLUB a C.N. ,,A.T. Laurian” Botoşani
Adaptation after William Shakespeare’s „The Taming of the Shrew”
Directed by: Mirela Nistor and Alexandru Sîrbu
Script / Adaptation: Mirela Nistor and Alexandru Sîrbu
Scenography: Mirela Nistor
Lights: Sorina Băleanu
Sound: Eduard Agavriloae
Cast: Alexandra Zorilă, Andrei Redinciuc, Codrin Pascariu, Adrian Aecoboaiei, Cosmin-Ioan Leferman, Sebastian Ciobanu, Paul Nistor, Lucian Todirică, Ioana Pintilie, Corneliu Ibănescu, Theodor Șoptelea, Bogdan Siminiceanu, Diana Bizbac, Adrian Apotrosoaei, Horia Apalaghiei, Șerban Lazarovici, Oana Andrieş, Roberta Rodu, Alina Jijie, Anamaria Doroftei, Diana Hatmanu, Ioana Pătraşcu, Maria Radu, Bianca Rusu, Ioana Ivancov, Alexandra Daniliuc, Diana Ciubotaru, Andrada Bălăucă, Marusac Mădălina

The members of the theatre troupe „Drama Club” from the National College „A.T.Laurian” suggest a dynamic and humorous adaptation after „The taming of the shrew” by W.Shakespeare. In the context of a society that loses itself in materialism and appearance, comical and sometimes peculiar relationships take shape, and the message reaches an extreme actuality. Therefore, a world is built, full of individuals that consider themselves to be normal, although they are not, a world that functions after its own absurd and insane system. The spectator is carried, almost like in a carrousel, through the lives and problems of all the characters, that link and reject each other until confusion. And, in the end, when the situations gets out of control, precisely the ones that could never adapt to normality find their tranquility.

Performance presented in Romanian with English subtitles.

      © Trupa de teatru DRAMA CLUB a C.N. ,,A.T. Laurian” Botoşani