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The Original Tempo
Director: Worry Kinosita
Lights: Naoko Kato
Sound: Rui Kojima
Cast: Yuka Hyodo, Syuichi Sakaguchi, Yukihide Hirabayashi, Katsunori Takayama, Rui Kojima

A performing group consisting of creators such as an actor, dancer, musician, composer, graphic designer, auteur, lighting designer, stage manager. Reproducing bicycle, cardboard boxes, water, TV, snacks or stuff unlike instruments into musical instruments, visual arts „instruments” with visual gimmick and dance performing. Performers do not bring any words on stage. Then it results in creating an independent and enigmatic live scene. The Original Tempo has been performed in theatre festivals around 8 countries of Asia and Europe so far. They attract increasing attention from domestic cultural scene. Recently, they also work for international co-production.

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