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 Czech Republic
Dekkadancers O.S
Director: Tom Rychetsky
Choreography: Tom Rychetsky, Viktor Konvalinka, Tomas Cervinka
Costumes: Tom Rychetsky, Viktor Konvalinka
Set design: Tom Rychetsky, Viktor Konvalinka, Pavel Hejny
Lights: Tom Rychetsky, Viktor Konvalinka
Sound: Tom Rychetsky
Camera: Pavel Hejny
Cast: Viktor Konvalinka, Tom Rychetsky, Kristyna Nemeckova, Tomas Cervinka, Aya Watanabe, Tereza Kucerova, Zuzana Simakova, Tomas Kopecky, Jonas Dolnik, Pavel Hejny, Vlastimil Hradil, Jiri Urban

“It is a geyser of wonderful ideas, poetics, humor, humanity, brilliant and smart work with timing, music, and original choreography. Yes, I admire them...” Petr Zuska, Director of Ballet, National Theatre Prague “The audience will discover works of emotional, abstract, playful and philosophical nature, all performed by the choreographers, who themselves are dancers of the National Theatre.” scena.cz

      © Pavel Hejny