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Rocio Molina Cruz Company
Director: Rocío Molina
Choreography: Rocío Molina
Script/Adaptation: Rocío Molina and David Picazo
Stage Director: Rodas / Kike Rodríguez
Costumes: Josep Ahumada
Sound: Pedro Leon
Lights: Antonio Serrano
Stage manager: Balbi Parra
Tour Manager: Gloria Medina
Manager: Clara Castro
Original Music: Paco Cruz, Rafael Rodríguez, Sergio Martínez şi Rosario La Tremendita
Cast: Rocio Molina, Eduardo Guerrero, David Coria, Moisés Navarro (dance), Rosario La Tremendita (singer), Rafael Rodríguez şi Eduardo Trassierra (guitars), José Manuel Ramos “Oruco” şi Karolina ‘La Negra’ (hand clapping and rhythm)

“Oro Viejo (Old Gold)” is a production by Rocio Molina Company, many times awarded. In this work, the fundamental idea - working like a thread that leads us through the performance - is the passage of Time and the onslaught of old age; from such a perspective different vital matters are experienced with unusual depth, in a unique retrospective, making all time lived meaningful. These greatly important matters, such as love and solitude, narrated by people who find themselves in this stage of life and who become the anonymous protagonists of the performance, is the material used by Rocío to fashion her production – in order to highlight the importance of all this and of those that have gone before us. The production uses anthological recordings of ancient Flamenco and music specially composed and played by the musicians of Oro Viejo. Stage direction and screenplay are by David Picazo. Rocio Molina is accompanied by three young male dancers, whom – with very personal styles – provide the right counterpoint to the dancer.

      © Rocio Molina Cruz Company