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Theater Titanick
Author: Theater Titanick
Directed by: Frank Heuel
Artistic director: Uwe Köhler
Production manager: Hanna Weiss
Tour manager: Sarah-Jane Reed
Composition & Music: Gundolf Nandico
Set design: Martin Mulder
Technical director: Jan Rieve
Stage technicians: Elias Macke, Justus Weber
Costumes: Dunja Kopi
Light design: Johannes Sundrup
Sound design: Ingo Koch
Design special effects: Robert Schiller
Pyrotechnics: Maik Winkelmann
Cast: Stony Assmann, Michael Hain, Clair Howells, Thomas Kuhnert, Georg Lennarz, Raschid Sidgi, Rahel Valdiviéso

Homer's “Odyssey” is the starting point of a production in which the ruthless director of a travelling theatre group endeavours to stage his version of this classic, losing his way in his own bizarre world. The Greek takeaway, Poseidon Grill, is forced to make way for the group’s shipping container, which is driven on to the performing area and folds out to become the stage for the play to take its course. With battles against both the Gods and the revengeful owner of the takeaway, Theater Titanick tells its version of the “Odyssey” in forceful, ironical images that inseparably interweave the theatre group's real world and Homer's epic, thus opening up a pathway to both the present and antiquity.

      © Matthias Ahlke