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Fanfare Le S.N.O.B
Cast: Didier Rivière, Ludovic Rivière, Olivier Rivière, Christophe Journaud, Stéphane Mazard, Bruno Boyer, Valentin Chabot, Antoine Fournier, Christine Bournazel

For pretty women at their balcony, and policemen on guard, for amused passers-by and a private audience, for VIPs or the average man, in short for everybody… MUSICOMICALE PARADE is a cross-country show: into the skies, on the seaside, on the lawn, on the melting asphalt, on the water, the ice, the snow, in the middle of the carousels!?! Interactive, communicating its funniness, the brass band goes wherever it is never expected, and use all the street opportunities to create comical playlets of crazy music. Any excuse will do to have fun: serenades to pretty women’s balcony, babies nursery rhymes, unlikely poses for photographers and television…

      © Franck Redouani