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Members: Predrag Đoković, Marcella Francesco, Miomir Ristić, Dragan Mladjenović, Ljubomir Dimitrijević, Georges Grujić, Darko Karajić, Zoran Kostadinović, Veljko Nikolić, Srđan Stanić, Aleksandar Jovan Krstić

“Musical life in England” reached its highest peak at the time of Queen Elizabeth the First (1558-1603) when music was literally an integral part of noblemen’s social and private everyday life. A truly remarkable number of excellent composers appeared at that time: William Byrd (1543-1623), Thomas Morley (1557-1603), John Farmer (born c. 1560), Michael Cavendish (c. 1565-1628), Philip Rosseter (1568-1623), Robert Jones (c.1577-after 1615), John Dowland (1562-1626), etc, whose music was aimed to be performed by different kinds of ensembles, and on different occasions, at courts, theatres and churches. Apart from singing and playing, most popular form of entertainment at Elizabethan courts were theatre performances. Songs and dances, not always composed for the occasion and linked to the plot and the atmosphere of a play, were inserted into plays, and were very welcomed by and popular among Elizabethan audiences. It is our wish to bring to life music and the very atmosphere of the Elizabethan period, not only by performing original compositions on historical instruments, but also by engaging a countertenor to sing women’s songs, just as it used to be done at Elizabethan times.

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