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Département d’art dramatique, Université de Moncton
by Dario Fo
Directed by: Marcia Babineau
Script / Adaptation: Michel Tremblay
Costumes: Alain Tanguay
Set design: Alain Tanguay
Light design: Louise Lemieux
Cast: Isabelle Bartkowiak, Carole Belliveau, Stéphan Bénard, Marilyn Bouchard, Solange LeBlanc, Sébastien Leclerc, Xavier Lord-Giroux, Bianca Richard, Joannie Thomas, Myriam Vaudry
Chorus: Caroline Bélisle, Nicolas Dupuis, Samuel Rioux, Hélène-Eugénie Roy.

Though Dario Fo’s Mistero Buffo strives to be a social statement on the challenges faced by the less privileged, it is assuredly not a tragedy since the author believes in the properties of laughter as a catalyst for liberation. Dario Fo himself says: “Every dictatorial system is founded on fear. Laughter liberates Man from fear.” Mistero Buffo (The Comic Mystery) takes just such an approach. By transposing the life and passion of Christ to our contemporary epoch and employing a comic turn to accentuate that which he wishes to denounce, Dario Fo brings us face to face with injustice and cruelty, which are as timeless as they are eternal. The story is portrayed in a manner reminiscent of medieval mysteries and, while the story speaks to the life of Christ, it also incorporates elements of social commentary and critique in a style that spans tragedy through comedy.

Performance presented in French with English translation.