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Divine Quincaillerie
Script Adaptation: Vanessa Clement / Eve Lafarge
Set design: Thierry Hett
Music: Tom Garcia
Cast: Michaël Allibert / Vanessa Clement, Thierry Hett / Eve Lafarge

The Gaspard do not know anything about the world around them. They are inoffensive, timid, awkward sometimes but always benevolent, and they are very preoccupied with their integration. During their course in the city, a strange, absurd and shifted communication is created between the audience and these character-puppets. Each meeting is the way to learn sounds, words, objects and gestures, which will constitute their vocabulary at the end of the course. Finally, satisfied with their integration, they give their very personal and cosmopolitan version of a great tragic drama, supported by sound extracts from theatre, cinema and television.

      © Divine Quincaillerie