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Les Parfaits Inconnus
Director: Sylvain Dubois
Costumes: Cloé Alain
Set design: Julien St-Pierre
Music: Les Parfaits Inconnus
Cast: Sylvain Dubois, Patrick Mainville, Éric Boudreault, Philibert Hébert-Filion, Ariane Cabana, Jonathan Brochu, Simon Nadeau, Gonzalo Coloma

On a vacant lot on the edge of town, a family of gypsy circus was as it always does in the sandstone of the trip. Years, in every city they show their stuff but these days the public is scarce. Idle, our gypsies take it easy until the day quietly busy with their daily tasks, they realize the unexpected presence of a public determined to have full eyes. The instinct revived by this surprising visit our entertainers will face the music and prove to their audience fascinated many talents. At each public numbers, embedded in a delicious delirium, discovers colorful characters and sometimes wildly conflicting relations which united for life in the circus, delirium and rock and roll!