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Théâtre Du Soleil
Jean-Jacques Lemêtre

Workshop open to actors, dancers, singers and musicians. This workshop is open to those who want to search, discover and experiment the sound possibilities of their body. There are both collective and individual exercises, resulting in a musical elaboration process that is based on the creative experience of Jean-Jacques Lêmetre with the Théâtre du Soleil. This practice offers the opportunity to explore particularly the language of every person not only through voice but also through the entire body. Uniting the empirical questions asked while working on the set of great questions on the world state and its evolution, Jean-Jacque Lêmetre provokes rising over the technique, asserts, for instance, the analogy between the dissociation and harmony issues of the human being, questioning the artist on their relation with the environment in order to conceive and study thoroughly the relation between theatre rhythm and music. The approach appeals to a new learning method of the body rhythm and the language metrics. There will be no musical instruments to use the rhythmical, melodic and harmonic potentials of the body, involved in the walk and movement, its punctuations, breathing, speech speed, timbre, and so on. Created for all stage performers, actors, dancers, singers or musicians, this workshop aims at developing dynamics, agility and depth.