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Kolben Dance Company
Director: Amir Kolben
Choreography: Amir Kolben in collaboration with the dancers
Costumes: Hagar Vital
Set design: Amir Kolben
Lights: Shay Yehudai
Cast: Erin Shand, Irit Amichai, Inbar Shalev, Harel Grazutis, Sela Fried, Anatoly Shenfeld, Aviv Shem-Tov, Nitzan Bardichev

Through dance and theatre, “Kmehin” examines the theme of food, a theme that connects directly between the cultural and the biological, between satisfying a desire to social conditioning and between excess and absence. The word kmehin means truffles in Hebrew, yet for Hebrew speakers the word evokes another word, kmi’ha, which translates as: yearning, desire, or craving. Kmehin is set at a dinner party where a group of people, whose relationship to one another is unclear, meet around a large table. During the performance, vignettes telling stories and fragments of memory keep popping up with only one thing in common, the eating situation. The diversity exposes the changes of social formations and presents cultural rituals that become survival struggles of all against all without disguises and pleasantries. Khad-Gadia (one – kid), the tale that is told at the end of the Passover meal, is a perfect example of brutal hierarchy that starts from predation of the innocent kid, while presenting the food chain in nature and society where the strong survive and the weak are eaten. Kmehin cooks together hedonistic pleasure and the pain of avoidance, the grotesque and the sublime, desire and rejection of a dish that arouses appetite and thoughts alike.

Performance presented in English, Russian and Hebrew with Romanian subtitles.

      © Kfir Bolotin