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Directed by: Marc Labelle
Choreography: Marc Labelle
Lights: Mark Peetsma
Sound: Mark Peetsma

Klezmer is the traditional music of nomadic Jewish musicians who traveled throughout Eastern Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These musicians took inspiration from the popular music of the day and integrated their own unique vocabulary, born from a history that was rich and too often tragic. Similar to the music they perform, KLEZTORY is a rich mosaic of cultures (Russian, Canadian, Quebecois and French), musical training (academic and self taught) and musical tastes (classical, contemporary, jazz, blues, country and folk). Combining their talents, these musicians perform with an emotion and a virtuosity that is the true spirit of klezmer. Through the use of innovative arrangements that are respectful of the original compositions, KLEZTORY has forged a unique, yet still authentic musical path.

Performance presented in English, French and Romanian