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Ansamblul Folcloric Profesionist „Cindrelul - Junii Sibiului”
Musical direction: Gabriel Popescu
Directed, choreography and script: Theodor Vasilescu and Silvia Macrea

Professional Folk Ensemble “Cindrelul - Junii Sibiului” is already a distinguished artistic personality and a well – defined role in the Sibiu County and in the country. The ensemble transposes folk material in a performance presenting folk customs, combining folk song, dance and verse, presenting on the world stages the artistic virtues of Romanian folk, emblem of our national identity. Ensemble “Cindrelul - Junii Sibiului” was established at the initiative of the regretted choreographer master Ioan Macrea in 1944. At present, the master’s daughter, SILVIA MACREA, coordinates the Ensemble. The performance proposes a choreographic - musical journey through the great ethno-folkloric areas of Romania, presenting characteristic customs from each region. Therefore, the journey starts in Mărginimea Sibiului, where shepherds build the ‘alive fire’ on Saint George. In Banat, we experience the girls joining the Romanian round dance. In Maramureş, we familiarize ourselves with the customs on Sânziene. In Muntenia, we dance with Drăgaica and then we gather the vineyard and go caroling with the people from Bucovina. We end our journey with the evening sitting of village women from Târnave and in the spinning rhythm from Hârtibaci. The used to be dance occasions in the village world are transposed on stage with the help of syncretic images that revaluate movement, music and folk literature. Together with the Professional Folk Ensemble “Cindrelul - Junii Sibiului” we see on stage the Folk Ensemble “Ceata Junilor” and Ensemble “Veteranii Junii Sibiului”, with the extraordinary participation of the beloved showman IULIANA TUDOR.