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 Great Britain
Leeds Metropolitan University & PALM
Director: Jodean Sumner
Cast: Jodean Sumner

Words are stolen directly from your lips. Straight from the horses mouth. Only, it’s not so straight. You never meant them that way - that’s not how it’s meant to go... She has been seduced, lost by your words. Or rather, she has stolen them, taken them hostage. She is a thief, a hoarder, even a murderer... Maybe, not a murderer. Not exactly. It starts like this. It is a collage of texts sent from other people, and some that were never sent at all. It is what she found. It’s time to tell the truth. This show is an investigation into language. As new languages and old languages are developing, the performance explores what things „mean” and how. This work takes the audience on a journey through to spoken and physical world of language in order to understand how to understand.

Performance presented in English with Romanian subtitles.
Performance not recommemded for those under 16 years old.

      © Rory Francis