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Paco Peña Flamenco Dance Company
Directed by: Paco Peña
Cast: Paco Peña, Paco Arriaga, Rafael Montilla (guitaras); Angel Muñoz, Charo Espino, Jose Manuel Ramos (dancers); Jose Angel Carmona, Cristina Pareja; Nacho López (percussion)

The latest presentation, “A Compás!” wants to transmit to the audience the compelling nature of a range of flamenco rhythms, from the almost “tribal”, trance-inducing quality of the “alboreá”, to the razor - sharp complexity of the “bulería”.  At the same time, the show aims to isolate each artist at some moment, to throw (as it were) him or her onto the naked reality of a given rhythmic structure (or compás) and, there, having to deal with it in their own personal way, immersing themselves deeply into the feeling of the rhythm and contributing their own creative input, they must end up projecting an unstoppable pulse that every one can feel and identify with. Or, put in different words, they must try and get everybody “into the rhythm”, induce the feeling of “a compás” into the whole experience.

      ©  Paco Peña Flamenco Dance Company