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Director: Ferran Orobitg
Set design: Xevi Planes, Xavi Badia
Cast: Ivan Alcoba, Ferran Orobitg, Jordi Pedros

This communicative and visual project is set out to be a thoughtful, familiar, warm and friendly piece, aimed at evoking participation and at stirring interest in communication, poetry and literature in general to a diverse public, namely children and youth. It is an intimate installation-show, intended for either public or none conventional spaces, where communication can be played with both conceptually and as an everyday tool. ExterNet tries to help get people out on the street and communicating with each other using words. One can see some resemblance with the way the internet works, communication being both personal and anonymous, with the difference being that in this case this type of communication takes place in an open and shared place (a large hall or on the street). With ExterNet we seek to experiment and explore the possibilities that communication offers us beyond its habitual use (written, recited) or of advanced technology (mobile phones, SMS, internet, social media). By doing so, we shatter everyday misconceptions and carry participants and audiences to a new realm of creative communication.

Financial support of the tour: Institut Ramon Llull, Catalonia.

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