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Universitatea de Arte din Târgu-Mureş & Teatrul Studio
by Peter Shaffer
Directed by: Gavril Cadariu
Script / Adaptation / Translation: Alina Nelega
Scenography: Ioan Bocoș
Cast: Luchian Pantea, Andrei Chiran, Radu Tudosie, Raisa Ané, Laura Mihalache, Ioana Decianu, Claudiu Banciu, Andrada Samoilă, Mihai Bloj, Mădălin Costea, Claudiu Știan, Garcia-Mario Valdevira.

Equus is a notable text of the present so with the performance formula that it imagines, as with the subject. We are witnesses to a public debate about the intimate aim of our existence under the conditions of certain evolutions, prejudices, norms of life – values and education more and more emptied by their content, filled with aggression and brutality towards the individual. The performance challenges by the straight formula of public dialogue, the act of awareness of each of us upon the distance proportion that keeps us to a certain distance from normality and abnormality.

Performance presented in Romanian with English subtitles.

      © Universitatea de Arte din Târgu-Mureş